How to eliminate flies in your house with an 89p hack that uses common kitchen products

While many people enjoy basking in the summer sun, it can be very hot. Does bring unwanted guests to our homes.

Flies are likely to be the main culprit.

Flies can be banished from your home in seconds - thanks to a simple 89p hack


With a simple 89p hack, you can banish the flies in your home within seconds.Credit: Getty
The DIY method only requires some common kitchen items that you may already own


You may have some of the items you need to DIY your kitchen.Credit: Good Housekeeping

Common house flies will be attracted by decaying organic matter, such as the garbage in your bins and rotting food.

While fruit flies look for sugary substances and feed more commonly on overripe fruit, spilt fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Luckily, there is a cheap and quick fix costing under a £1 to keep the pesky insects away.

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The easy method is free, if the necessary items are already at your home.

You can easily do this by cutting an empty plastic container in half. The bottom of the bottle should be slightly higher than the top.Good Housekeeping.

Then, take off the top of the bottle. Fill the rest with water.

Add a little vinegar to deter bees and place the upper half upside-down in the lower half, creating a funnel.

You can use sugar water to lure the insects to the bottle. After that, punch holes in the bottle’s top to attach string so you are able to hang it anywhere you like.

Home experts claim that this is an excellent natural method to eliminate all kinds of flies, without the use of chemicals.

What’s more, it’s a cheap hack as sugar can be purchased from Asda for 89p.

Honey and syrup can be used, but they may cost more.

Fly’s will fly right into the homemade trap to get at your sweet-smelling bait.

They are easy to trap once they have entered the bottle.

Pests can get stuck as they cannot navigate up and out of the small opening. They also become unable to fly when their wings are wet.

This trap also works to lure and kill wasps, according to the home advice outlet.

Wasps will be attracted by honey, syrup, or sugarwater.

You can also fill the bottle up with old, decomposed fruit.

You can also use animal droppings, such as chicken litter or rabbit pellets as an alternative to sweet bait.

Cleaning whizz shares her simple solution for houseflies that costs only 90p.

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Commenting on a post on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, the woman shared her ingenious hack for repelling pesky flies during the warm weather.

A clever woman shared an easy DIY hack to keep pesky wasps, hornets and bees out of your yard during the summer.

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