How to do N Gen’s Spotify top ten and where to find the link

There’s nothing like being able to see your listening habits in a visual form, so here’s how N Gen’s creation can help you find your top ten Spotify tracks along with interesting artwork.

The streaming platform allows its users to embrace their music further with some of the best features, such as Wrapped and Instafest.

And sometimes, music lovers like to enjoy their listening habits on Spotify using options that are available beyond the app’s limitations. N Gen is the latest one to grab the listeners’ attention.

So, here’s how to see your top ten.

What is N Gen and what does it do with Spotify?

N Gen is a third-party website that generates artwork for your Spotify listening habits.

It turns your top ten songs into a soundwave and genre visualization. The final artwork varies depending on the period you choose.

Below are all the options you can choose from to create a visualizer from your top ten:

The software also shows the stats for your most-played tracks based on factors such as danceability, popularity, energy, mood, acousticness, instrumentalness, and wordiness.

How to get the artwork for your top ten

You can find the N Gen website by looking it up on Google directly or by clicking on the link to the website.

You need to log in using your Spotify credentials and that will direct you to the main page.

All you need to do is select one of the above options to create an artwork for your music habits within a certain period and click on Next Page.

Within a few seconds, the artwork for your top ten on Spotify will appear on your screen. Each track will have a soundwave displayed on top of it and genres you’ve streamed the most at the bottom titled “Your vibes”.

You have different options to either save your artwork or share it on social media sites.

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