How to clean and descale an electric kettle

An electric kettle is a great tool for kitchen duties. It will quickly boil water to make tea, coffee, or prepare quick meals like pasta or oatmeal.

The best thing? The best thing about electric kettles is their low maintenance. Toby Shultz, the founder of Electric Kettles, states that they only require cleaning every two to three month or when you start to notice buildup. Maid2Match.

The water can buildup and cause electric kettles to become dirty. Hard water is more likely to cause buildup, as it contains many minerals. The outside of your home can be exposed to dirt and gunk, as well as grime from the counter every day.

Here are some tips to clean your kettle in order to keep your countertops tidy and your water fresh.

How to clean an electric kettle


A close up of an electric kettle with water boiling in it.

Boil equal parts vinegar and water in a saucepan. Let it cool, and then scrub.

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1. The cartridge or filter should be removed.Some kettles do not have one. However, they will usually have one near the spout. To soak the cartridge or filter, mix equal parts warm water with vinegar. This will get rid of any gunk. Most filters can be cleaned but replaced if damaged.

2. The kettle should be filled.Half of the kettle should be filled with equal amounts water and vinegar.

3. Boil the water.Let the water boil for a few minutes, then turn off the heat and unplug your kettle.

4. Let the solution rest.Allow the vinegar and hot water mixture to sit for 20 minutes. The steam and heat generated by the kettle will warm the mixture, allowing any mold to escape. After 20 minutes, take the vinegar-water solution out.

5. Clean the interior.Use a toothbrush or soft sponge to scrub the sides of your brush or sponge. For extra power cleaning, soak the sponge or brush with vinegar.

6. Rinse the kettle.Bring the kettle to boil and add fresh water. Then, turn off the heat. You can do this again and again if necessary.

7. Place the filter back in.Once the kettle has cooled, you can add the filter.

8. Take care of the exterior. The kettle’s exterior should be cleaned with a damp cloth, which has been dipped into soapy water. Next, dry the kettle.

9. Clean the base. Simply wipe the heating element and base with a damp towel. Your kettle is now ready to use.

How to clean your kettle

A person pouring boiling water from an electric kettle into a mug.

Do not let water sit in the kettle after using it.

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Shultz states that it’s good to have a kettle on hand for those times when you need a cup of tea. However, to ensure your kettle stays fresh and clean long-term, water shouldn’t be stored in it.

Potable water can be stored in the kettle too long, which can cause mold and mineral buildup. Instead, heat the kettle and drain any water that remains. You don’t need to dry the kettle completely, as it is designed to withstand moisture.

Avoid scratching the heating element as this could cause it to lose its heat. You can remove dust from the kettle by wiping it with a moistened cloth. Shultz suggests that you keep your kettle’s exterior looking new by wiping it every other week as part of your routine of counter-cleaning.

Finally, do not allow the kettle to boil. Some electric kettles are equipped with an automatic boiling feature. “boil-dry protection,”A feature that turns off the heating element if there is no water in the tank. It’s a good idea that you check the water level before turning on the heating element. Never fill it beyond the limit. “max fill” line.

Insider’s takeaway

The process of cleaning an electric kettle is easy. However, it is important to clean the kettle every week to ensure that your water tastes great and your kitchen looks neat. Clean the exterior once a week and the interior once a month.

Once you have boiled equal parts vinegar and water, the heat of the kettle will do most of the cleaning. To clean the kettle’s interior, scrub it and then wipe the outside. You’re now ready to enjoy your favorite cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa.

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