How tall was Princess Diana

How tall was Princess Diana

As mentioned previously, Princess Diana was twice as tall as Prince Charles. At 5’10”, she was taller than the average British woman. BBCThe height of Prince Charles is 5′ 3″ Prince Charles was believed to be about the same height as her, but it’s odd that he appeared significantly taller in official photos.

Marie Claire UKIt was pointed out that Diana is often seen in photos of Charles and Diana, where the Prince of Wales stands taller than her. The issue was also controversial in 1981, when official stamps were issued to celebrate the royal wedding. It featured a portrait of the couple. The New York TimesCharles was a head shorter than Diana’s, so it was clear that Diana’s head barely touched Charles’ chin. The royal couple appeared the same height to journalists at the time, which confused them.

According to the publication, Buckingham Palace stated that Prince Charles was one inch taller that Princess Diana. According to the palace Charles stands at 5 feet, 11 inches vs Diana who is 5 feet 10 inches. However, this doesn’t explain the reason why the Prince seemed a head higher. It was revealed that the Earl Snowdon, who took the portrait of the Prince, made the Prince stand on a wooden box. Other official photos show him most likely doing the same thing or wearing shoes that increased his height.

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