How ‘Survivor’ Host, Jeff Probst makes money

We all know that winners of Survivor take home a million-dollar prize, but perhaps it’s better to be the host than a contestant. It turns out that Jeff Probst has raked in just as much dough as all of the prize money ever given away on the show over the years. Check out his decades-long journey on Survivor (as well as other career highlights) and find out just how much Jeff Probst’s net worth is.

How ‘Survivor’ Host, Jeff Probst makes money

Probst has spoken for the Tribe since Survivor’s 2000 debut in Borneo—that’s 40 seasons and counting. According to an interview with the Television Academy, Probst, 59, had always wanted a career in the entertainment industry. Probst was born in Kansas, and grew up in Washington. His first job was as a Boeing production assistant. He quickly rose in the ranks, producing and hosting corporate training videos, as well as writing scripts.

Probst eventually landed a correspondent gig with Access Hollywood, which is how he caught the attention of Survivor producer Mark Burnett. It was the rest of history. “Mark was clear from the beginning that he was hiring a host-producer,” Probst said. “He said, ‘I’m going to tell you the story that I want to tell, and then you’re going to go out and tell it.’ That’s what we did.” He continued, “I couldn’t believe I was on a show that was so cool, that was truly a sociological experiment where you’re watching human behavior.”

Sure, Survivor’s appeal is due to the drama and tension created by its contestants. But Probst also plays a major role in the series’ success. In an atmosphere of infighting and backstabbing, he’s a reliable, trustworthy storyteller that audiences have come to depend on. “Jeff sees all and he’s saying it, whether you see it or not,” Cirie Fields, a four-time player and fan favorite, told the New York Times. “And he does it so authentically that you attach yourself to him. He’s like your brother, your cousin, your friend, your fiancé.”

Probst’s long-term commitment to the show has earned him four Emmy awards as well as a promotion to executive producer. Over 40 seasons later, his loyalty to Survivor remains unwavering. “I think I’ve got to host Survivor until it’s over,” He said. “How can I leave Mark and Les Moonves when they gave me this job? I think I’m at their beck and call. But on the other hand, why would I leave? I still enjoy it.”

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