How Noah Centineo Dislocated His Arm More Than Once on Set Of Black Adam

How Noah Centineo Dislocated His Arm More Than Once on Set Of Black Adam

Centineo spoke about the unfortunate injury in a recent interview. The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallonand told the host it was partly the result of his improvised moment shooting a “Black Adam”Action scene. Centineo’s Atom Smasher, his onscreen counterpart, made a mad dash through the crowded street of parked cars. The actor told Fallon that after a few successful takes, the film director asked for another. Centineo replied enthusiastically because he wanted one more. “You only get to do this so many times, right?”

As he was getting ready to perform the last act, Centineo decided to lighten things up by having the character ride over a car. Centineo offered his opinion, but the improv didn’t go according to plan. “So I’m running off the curb, there’s a parked car, and I pretend to hit my knee on the parked car. And I like spin around like that hurt, and my arm goes up and dislocates.”Centineo added that he tried to move his arm himself but was unsuccessful.

Further complicating the situation was the fact that his superhero costume was too tight for doctors to work with. Centineo was eventually forced to remove his superhero costume from his body to treat the injury properly. “Thirteen tries later, with a foot in my armpit and a guy pushing from behind it goes back in,”Centineo spoke to Fallon. He laughed when Centineo said that he was so excited to be in the right place, that he threw up in celebration. Then, the actor dislocated his arm again. It did pop back in place this time, but Centineo will probably think twice about going off-script again during an action scene.

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