How much does Uma Thurman have in net worth?

MOVIE star Uma Thurman has procured a fortune after starring in many films and productions throughout the years.

A favorite of Quentin Tarantino’s, Uma Thurman is known for her stunning looks and action-packed filmography.

Portrait of American film actress Uma Thurman


Portrait of American film actress Uma ThurmanCredit: Getty – Contributor

What is Uma Thurman’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Uma Thurman’s net worth is $45 million.

Uma Thurman was earning an average of $14 million per film at the height her career.

How much does Uma Thurman earn per movie?

Her first big payday was for Batman and Robin. She also starred in Poison Ivy. This role reportedly netted her $5 million.

Uma was reportedly paid $300,000.00 for one of her most well-known roles in Pulp Fiction (1994). Her most well-known role in Kill Bill boosted her salary to $12 million.

She was reportedly paid $12million for her role in Paycheck. According to reports, she earned about $12.5million for her role as Mel Brooks in The Producers.

According to reports, she earned $5million for her role as Gattaca. According to reports, her role in The Avengers brought in $8 million.

Uma Thurman's net worth is around $45million


Uma Thurman’s net worth is around $45millionCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What is Uma Thurman doing now?

According to Celebrity Net Worth Uma Thurman currently resides in New York City.

On September 21, 2021, Uma released an opinion essay via The Washington Post explaining her abortion as a teenager and stating why she believes Texas abortion laws are “a human rights crisis for American women”.

Uma has been a star in television shows like The Slap and Chambers in recent years. In 2017, Uma made her Broadway debut with The Parisian Woman.

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