How FBI Will Be Mixing Things Up For Maggie And The Team After The Break

How FBI Will Be Mixing Things Up For Maggie And The Team After The Break

FBI headed into a brief hiatus after delivering a doozy of an explosive episode for Maggie that sent her back undercover again, and Season 4 isn’t finished mixing things up for Missy Peregrym’s character just yet. In fact, an episode back after the break will deliver some differences from norm for the whole team, for better or worse!

In an episode after the FBI team returns from its break, the dynamics will look a little different, as leading lady Missy Peregrym previewed to TVLine:

What we’ve been doing this season that’s really fun is mixing up the partnerships. You’ve had Maggie and Tiff, and I work with Scola (played by John Boyd) in the last episode [we filmed]. We have such a fun cast, so it’s exciting to go to work. Zeeko [Zaki, who pays OA] and I know each other and we know what we’re going to do, but when you work with a different actor, it’s fun to see what they do.

Even though Maggie and OA are generally partnered with each other (and Maggie gave OA some big scares in the latest episode while she was making risky decisions for her undercover case), there are occasional exceptions to the rule. As Missy Peregrym noted, there was an episode earlier in Season 4 that focused more on Maggie and Tiff, with Scola and OA working together more in the background. Now, fans can look forward to another change with Maggie and Scola together.

That’s not to say that FBI is mixing things up permanently, if the season follows the same pattern that it did after partnering up Maggie and Tiff. They went back to their respective usual partners afterward, so fans may want to expect Maggie back with OA and Scola back with Tiff by the end of this particular episode. And this certainly isn’t the most unexpected change of partners in FBI history, as I’d say that honor still goes to when FBI partnered OA up with Chicago P.D.’s Upton for the first-ever crossover between One Chicago and the FBIs.

Missy Peregrym didn’t drop any details about the case that results in Maggie and Scola partnering, and CBS hasn’t revealed the descriptions for the episodes that are on the way after FBI comes back, so fans can only speculate for now. Even though the four agents are generally split into Maggie/OA and Scola/Tiff, they do always work together in some form or other, so Maggie and Scola working together presumably doesn’t mean that OA and Tiff will be missing.

This won’t be the first time that FBI mixes things up in the second half of Season 4, and not just because of the previous Maggie/Tiff partnership. The show returned in 2022 to deliver a tragedy by killing off Rina after she was shot, and comments from actor Jeremy Sisto suggest that the show doesn’t intend on replacing the character with a newcomer. FBI did more or less get back to business as usual after Rina’s death, with Isobel filling that role.

FBI returns to CBS with new episodes starting on Tuesday, February 22 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, to kick off a night of FBI action with International (which recently delivered a big cliffhanger) at 9 p.m. and Most Wanted (which will soon say goodbye to Julian McMahon) at 10 p.m. That will be a big week for the shows in the shared TV universe, with the premiere of the original Law & Order revival in the 2022 TV schedule as well as the returns of One Chicago and Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime.

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