How do I keep my diet and workouts in check?

How do I keep my diet and workouts in check?

  • Jordan Syatt said to Insider that working out is less important than eating healthy if you want fat loss.
  • It is important to eat in a calorie deficit.
  • It would be a good idea to do more strength training and less cardio.
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Dear Rachel

I have a new workout regimen that is a 30-minute, high-intensity cardio kickbox workout four times per week and limited equipment weight training on the fifth. I was also eating in a calorie-dense diet. When I started this program, it was very successful. My main goal is to lose weight. My weight loss didn’t improve after the birth of my wife. In fact, I gained some weight over the past few months. To achieve maximum weight loss and fat loss, I plan to improve my workout routine. I’m not sure if my current routine is enough effective. Could you please help?

— Plateaued and Perplexed

Dear Plateaued,

Congratulations to your wife on her pregnancy! Do not be ashamed if you do not follow the nutritional guidelines.

It is normal for our weight fluctuate as our lives change.

It’s possible to get your life back on track.

weight loss


More important than your workout routine is eating in a calorie surplus

It’s amazing that you’re actively involved, but there are good chances that it will continue. “great results”Your calorie deficit was the primary reason for the symptoms you were experiencing, not your workouts.

Regaining control of your eating habits is key to losing weight.

“You identified the problem in what you wrote: your eating got off track and that’s why you’re not losing weight anymore,”Jordan Syatt, personal trainer and fat-loss coach, told Insider.

It is clear that you know how to do this, and you know that you can do it. All you have to do now is to reintroduce healthy eating habits.

Keep in mind any portion control and healthy eating tricks that were helpful the first time.

“From a fat loss perspective, the main issue is your eating, so that’s what has to be brought back in check,” Syatt said.

It would be more beneficial to do strength training, and less kickboxing.

Syatt suggested that you can optimize your workouts to meet your goals, replacing high-intensity kickboxing with strength training.

He recommends that you go to a gym if you are able. Also, invest in adjustable dumbbells, bands or a suspension train so you have more equipment.

“To optimize your training, the majority of your workouts should not be kickboxing cardio,” Syatt said. 

Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness), shared this post.


He recommends replacing two kickboxing sessions by resistance training.

Strength training helps you retain muscle mass and lose fat, while you are in a calorie deficit. It also increases metabolism, which means you will burn more calories at rest. A 2020 meta-analysis suggests.

According to Ben Carpenter, a personal trainer, cardio is the wrong way to lose weight. It doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as people think and can increase your appetite.

Syatt stated that the best exercise is whatever you love. Keep at it, even if you’re into kickboxing.

All the best!


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