How did Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin meet?


How did Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin meet?

According to E! NewsDakota Johnson and Chris Martin met via mutual friends. After their introduction, they decided to go further. In 2017, they were spotted on a sushi date in Los Angeles. They were “cozy, laughing and affectionate,”Source: People. The rest of their lives have been a blur since that dinner date.

“We’ve been together for quite a while,”Johnson spoke. Elle UKTheir romance in 2021 “And we go out sometimes but we both work so much that it’s nice to be at home and be cozy and private. Most of the partying takes place inside my house.”

Dakota Johnson, Dakota’s father, has given his approval to their relationship. Interview with Fox 5 New YorkDon discussed whether the couple will marry, and said, “Listen, if she’s happy, I will be happy, and he’s a lovely guy. And if she decides to get married, I would imagine that there would be grandchildren not too far out for that. I’d be pretty excited about that part.”But that’s not all. Their close-knit relationship is also praised by her mother. Melanie Griffith, Melanie Griffith’s mom, exclaimed that she was proud of them. People 2019, “I love my daughter’s boyfriend. I think that they’re an awesome couple.”


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