How a 2p medication could save you from a deadly disease

Millions of Brits already take a cheap pill that could lower your chance of getting deadly diseases. 

The pills – which cost just 2p per day– are typically used to lower cholesterol, but experts have now discovered the drug could provide more life-saving benefits to millions of people

The life-saving pills cost just 2p per day


Only 2 Pounds per Day are required to get life-saving drugsCredit: Getty Images – Contributor

Researchers have found that statins could actually reduce women’s chances of developing autoimmune diseases.

About four million people in the UK suffer from autoimmune diseases. This is a group that causes your immune system attack healthy tissue, organs, and cell cells.

There are over 80 autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid and type 1 diabetes, as well as alopecia. 

While most autoimmune conditions are not fatal, they can cause serious complications.

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The Study, published in Frontiers in Medicine, discovered that women taking statins were 75 per cent less likely to have autoimmune disorders causing cells — known called antinuclear antibodies –compared to women who didn’t take statins.

Authors stated that statins had no similar effect on men.

A large number of antinuclear antibody can signal that the body is attacking itself, which could lead to autoimmune disorders.

80 percent of patients with autoimmune diseases are currently diagnosed by women.

Statin use has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing autoimmune disorders in previous studies.

According to the authors, drug trials have historically used mostly male participants.

Catherine Andersen is the study’s lead author and an associate professor in nutritional sciences at the University. College of Agriculture, Health and Natural ResourcesThey were crucial because “women tend to have more adverse reactions to statins.”

She also stated that statin treatment can sometimes not be adhered to as strongly. [among women] because they experience more side effects, and they might not feel as heard when they go to their physician to express their concerns.”

Professor Anderson calls for more research to identify the cause of this sex-specific phenomena.

Statin treatment can be stopped at any time, even if you are on statins until your 80s.

Statins are often stopped by many Brits due to side effects like stomach problems, muscle pain, and headaches.

But doctors have stated that the issues aren’t. “over-diagnosed”They might also be expected.

Professor Maciej Banach a professor of Professor of Cardiology at Medical University of Lodz said: “We should evaluate whether it might be patients’ perceptions that statins are harmful – a so-called ‘nocebo’Oder ‘drucebo’ effect – which could be responsible for more than 50 per cent of all symptoms, rather than the drug itself.”

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