‘Honest’ Tinder bio divides opinion as woman calls herself ‘unemployed alcoholic’

Most people try to impress their potential dating matches when they use apps such as Tinder.

One woman, however, had different ideas about her profile.

The lady, named Laura, described herself as “unemployed”, an “alcoholic” and “dead inside” – but not everyone was a fan of the ‘honest’ profile.

She also claimed that she was 26, but that she is actually 47 years old.

A Tinder user who had met her on Tinder shared her Tinder profile on Twitter.

He posted a screenshot of the bio and simply wrote: “*super like*”.

It went viral quickly, with more than 116,000 views and praises.

Woman's 'honest' Tinder bio
Some labelled the bio “horrible”

One wrote: “Yo at least she’s honest, better than the 10,000th ‘No hook ups, my children are my life, if you can’t stand me at my worse…, wine enthusiast’.”

While another added: “If this was a man, I feel like he’d be my next husband.”

However, many were left confused by certain elements of the profile.

One wrote: “No one noticed that she’s 26, but also 47.”

While another added: “How blessed to be both 47 and 26.”

A third chimed in: “A chicken nugget addiction in a vegan is not a pretty thing.”

Soon, it seemed to dawn on people that the woman may be joking with the profile.

One said: “Think it’s a joke bio, not gonna lie to you mate.”

However, not everyone was amused with the jokey profile.

One person fumed: “You always see men doing this horrible trend of representing themselves as poorly as possible on dating apps, it’s pretty rare to see a woman do it. It’s not a good strategy.”

While another added: “Wait, so THIS is how I get a boyfriend?”

A third added: “Damn, Tinder should have a button to immediately file a restraining order against someone.”

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