Here’s what spiders hate: green.

It’s that time again: spider season.

Invasion of homes by crawly creatures on a hunt for moisture and warmth.

Spider season is upon us with creepy crawlies invading our homes


Spider season has arrived with crawly creatures invading your homeCredit: Alamy
Spiders are attracted to the colour green so your walls could be tempting them in


Your walls may be inviting spiders in if they are green.Credit: Getty

Although not everyone is terrified, most of us would rather not share their bedrooms with the eight-legged intruders.

Spider experts are on hand to help you keep these beasties away. St Modwen Homes Four handy tips have been compiled to help you make your home a spider free zone.

Your walls’ colour could make all the difference.

Why is the sky so blue?

Spiders love the colour green, but absolutely despise the colour blue – light blue to be specific.

So, if your home is full of gorgeous green tones and you’re a certified arachnophobe, you might want to think about adding a few light blue additions into your rooms and garden to make those creepy crawlies think twice before visiting you.

Later, you will be able to smell your own odor

Spiders also dislike strong smells.

They dislike citrus, lavender, rose and vanilla scents.

Add a few drops to your spray bottle along with some water and you have your own homemade spider repellent. Spray it around your home.

It will also make your entire house smell wonderful.

Lights, camera… spiders

Lights may not attract spiders directly to your house, but they attract other insects they enjoy eating.

So, if you have both outdoor and indoor lights on a lot, you’re likely to be hosting an all-you-can-eat buffet that spiders won’t be able to resist.

Don’t forget to de-clutter

Spiders are attracted to messy, cluttered houses.

The websters will enjoy the hidden spots that piles of clothes, toys, and bookshelves can provide.

Simply keeping your home and yard tidy will help you to reduce the number of guests that visit.

One area in particular to pay attention to is underneath your bed – the dark and dusty climate is a favourite for arachnids.

These handy tips won’t guarantee you that every spider will stay out of your house, but they can certainly keep unwanted visitors to a minimum.

Here’s how to prevent spiders from invading your home for only 14p.

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