Here’s What NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Looks Like Without Makeup

Here's What NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Looks Like Without Makeup

Some celebrities spend a lot of money on beauty treatments like injectables, lasers, and light therapy. Then there’s the infamous vampire facial, which seems like it would be right up “NCIS” character Abby Sciuto’s alley. However, Pauley Perrette’s own beauty routine is extremely low-maintenance. “I have some soap and a washcloth and some baby oil that I use every night,” she said in a 2017 Twitter video. “My whole beauty regimen costs about four bucks.”

Contrary to what some skincare scammers wanted consumers to believe, Perrette has not authorized any beauty brands to use her likeness in their ads. Instead of claiming that her youthful visage is the result of using pricey products, she believes she can thank genetics and possibly yeasty beverages for her glowing skin. “My mom was so much more beautiful. I give ‘not aging gene’ to her,” she tweeted. “And beers maybe? I love beer.”

To the horror of everyone familiar with the word “non-comedogenic,” Perrette has revealed that she uses Vaseline as a moisturizer. She also shuns the sun and does one other thing that might be beneficial for her skin. “I do not wear makeup unless I’m being paid to,” she tweeted. When she does use cosmetics, she prefers a natural look. “My eyelashes are part blonde so mascara is my friend on camera!” she wrote on Twitter. “And my lip moisturizer is great! Otherwise I don’t wear anything.”

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