Here’s what I know about eye problems.

We know that feeling tired and stressed can lead to dark circles under our eyes.

However, if you feel relaxed, are getting your 40 winks, and have still got eyebags, you may have another reason.

Eyebags could be caused by something other sleep issues or stress levels, an expert has explained


An expert explained that eyebags can be caused by other sleep issues, stress levels, or other factors.Credit: Getty

A doctor of optometry has discovered that your diet could be the reason your eyes aren’t as sharp as they should.

Roshni Patel stated: “Salt encourages fluid retention and can lead to fluid buildup under the eyes.

A reduction in salt intake could help reduce puffiness.

“For those that struggle with anaemia, eating iron-rich foods may also help to reduce symptoms as they allow the increase of oxygen to reach the tissues in your body and avoid the appearance of dark circles.”

If you wake up often with dark puffy eyes, you might want to change your diet.

As an alternative to salty snacks, try lentil chips.

You might also want to swap salty evening meals such as potatoes and veg for plan-prepared or iron-rich options like spinach or edamame.

Lenstore’s expert said there could be other reasons for dark circles under the eyes.

She explained that “bags under your eyes are often associated with lack of sleep. They appear as mild swelling under the eyes or puffiness, primarily because of fluid accumulation.

They are usually a cosmetic problem and are rarely a sign of serious medical conditions.

“Though the most recognisable and familiar is a lack of sleep, eye bags can result from a wide variety of different causes.”

Fluid retention

As we get older, fluid retention may become more serious. Puffy eyes can be caused by thinner skin under the eyelids.

This can be more obvious in the mornings and after eating a salty food, which can cause greater fluid retention. 


Puffy eye bags can be caused by allergies to pollen, dust, and pets.

You can make an appointment with your GP to determine the cause.

This will allow you to determine the source of the allergy and reduce your exposure. 


Because nicotine in cigarettes can disrupt sleep patterns, smoking can cause puffy eyes.

This not only causes tiredness, but also leads to fluid accumulation because your body has not had the chance to fully rest and recover.

Smoking can also cause skin to lose its elasticity. Also, collagen production is reduced which can make the skin look puffy and saggy. 

A hereditary condition

For some people, puffy eyes are not due to their environment. It is a genetic condition.

Also, puffy eyes can be caused by autoimmune conditions.

If you have a family history with puffy under eyes, cold compresses can be used in the morning before you leave to reduce the appearance temporarily. 

Sun exposure

Our skin defends us from further injury, much like when we burn.

If you have eyes that are sensitive to too much sunlight, the body’s natural response is to produce inflammation.

Sunburn and excessive heat can often cause swelling and puffiness. 


Winter air can make it worse for people with eczema. This is because of the dry atmosphere.

Atopic dermatitis is a condition that can cause irritation around the eyes and eyelids. This can lead to swelling. Your skin’s natural defense mechanism to protect your eyes is to prevent you from getting itchy eyes. 

What can we do to reduce puffy eyes? 

  • More consistent and long-lasting sleep
  • Antihistamines are recommended for those with allergies. Puffy eyes can sometimes be caused by a combination of these two conditions.
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce salt intake and eat more iron-rich foods
  • Be sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed
  • Caffeinated or cold compress
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Use sun cream
  • Incorporate retinol in your daily skin routine
  • Keep hydrated
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