Here’s my gut-expert advice on how to keep from having to run to the toilet after drinking coffee

If a couple of sips from your morning cup of coffee send you running to the toilet, you are not alone.

The stimulant properties of coffee are well known and can cause a third to feel like they need to go.

If your morning cup of coffee leaves you running for the loo, there are a few things you can try


There are some things that you can do if your coffee in the morning leaves you running to the toilet.Credit: Getty

The writing platform for nutrition ZOESammie Gill, a specialist dietitian in gastroenterology, said that there were a variety of reasons.

Coffee triggers stomach acid, digestive hormones and gut muscle contractions.

Scientists have studied its effect on the bowels.

Some small studies showed that warm water or coffee can be more effective in causing bowel movements than cold water.

The Gastrointestinal Motility Laboratory Director at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr Kyle Staller, said that this is a significant finding. CNN, as “water is an integral part of normal digestion”.

Participants Another study After drinking black unsweetened coffee for four minutes, colon activity was increased and remained this way at least thirty minutes.

Even though you may be more susceptible to the effects of your drink, it doesn’t need to make your stomach turn every time.

A few simple changes can be made to make coffee drinking a more relaxed experience.

1. The timing is crucial

A quick trip to the bathroom after your morning coffee might not seem like a problem if you’re at home.

Your frantic dash for the loo after taking a few coffee sips might be a poor choice if you happen to be out or in the middle of a meeting.

Sammie says that your stomach’s gastrocolic reaction – the movement of food through the gut in order to create room for more food – occurs most strongly after eating and at the beginning of the day.

After your morning cup of coffee you may feel a greater urge to go poop than after an afternoon one.

If you find that your constant need to go to the toilet is affecting your daily life, it might be worthwhile to experiment with the timing of your coffee. Try delaying the consumption until later in the morning or after your usual bathroom time.

It’s also possible to wait until you have eaten a little before drinking your first cup.

Sammie advises that your body will absorb caffeine slower if you consume coffee alongside a healthy meal rich in fibre, proteins, and fats.

Avoid fibres and fats if diarrhoea is a problem for you.

2. Get rid of the dairy

It’s possible that you are experiencing gut contractions after drinking coffee.

Sammie suggests that you will know the milk’s lactose is not right for you when you experience bloating, diarrhoea and gas.

Addition of cream to coffee could trigger your digestive system.

You can see whether your reaction is less aggressive if you drink your coffee for a couple of days without any dairy.

3. Sweeteners: Use less of them

Splenda is a non-nutritive sugar substitute that can cause diarrhoea and other stomach problems. The Health of the Nation reported.

Try stevia instead, as it is not linked with side effects related to the gut.

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4. Drink less

You could have been causing yourself to go to the restroom by drinking too much coffee.

According to Dr Michael Mosley, consuming up to six or five cups of tea a day can cause discomfort as the beverage becomes diuretic.

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