Here is the best way to Clean your Ear.

TikTok is full of crazy videos, and sometimes they teach me something. It happened again this week when I came across a clip from Ayisha Friedman-Negrín, aka @ayishafrita.

She posted a video showing how to “properly” I was immediately shocked to learn that she had used hydrogen peroxide to clean her ears. But according to the experts, Ayisha’s method is legit, which is a good thing, considering her video has been viewed more than 14 million times.

Here is the best way to Clean your Ear.


The Ear-Cleaning Method

In the one minute and 20-second clip, Ayisha pours a bit of peroxide into her ear and lets it “sizzle.”In the caption, she explained that she meant to say “bubble”–Which is a good thing because the thought of something sizzling in my ear wasn’t a strong selling point for me.

As Ayisha sits with her head tilted to the side for a few seconds and lets the peroxide bubble, she explains that it’s separating and removing the ear wax. When it’s done, she tilts her head to the other side into a towel so the peroxide and wax can all run out.

@ayishafritaLmao it doesn’t burn I just kept saying sizzling I mean bubbling? #health #earwax #sinus #tip

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Ayisha told Buzzfeed paediatrician recommended the ear-cleansing method to her family. She has nothing but positive things to say about it. It was described by her as “the most satisfying feeling, during and after.”

“It feels like a cold, fizzy liquid is dissolving all of the gunk—which is what it’s doing,” Ayisha explained. “I love the fizzy sound, it’s my favourite part. Once you lean over and it drains out, you feel so much clearer, lighter even.”

It’s pretty common knowledge that it is bad to use Q=tips for cleaning your ears. It was a certain bet that the whole peroxide business would do the same. “no” Category. Tonia Farmer, an ear and nose surgeon, believes peroxide is safe for cleaning the ears. She uses it in her own private practice.

Here is the best way to Clean your Ear.

“I use peroxide in my office to assist with earwax cleaning almost every day. It’s generally safe to use in the ear canal,” Dr Tonia has been revealed. “However, I stress that peroxide shouldn’t be used if there is a hole in the eardrum from perforation or ear tube. Using peroxide in these cases should only be done by or under the direction of a medical provider.”

The right way to do it

Dr Tonia suggests putting 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal. Allow it to sit for approximately five minutes. She says that Ayisha’s method in the video—tilting her head to the side and using a towel to clean up—is exactly what everyone should be doing to clean their ears.

She also pointed out that you shouldn’t use Q-tips because they push wax deeper into the ear canal, which can eventually cause wax impaction. That’s something you don’t want to deal with because it can cause a lot of pain and possible hearing loss.

Here is the best way to Clean your Ear.

“The ear canal is actually self-cleaning to some degree,” Dr Tonia explained. “Wax is pushed to the opening of the ear canal by the normal chewing motion of the jaw, and tiny hairs lining the skin help keep wax from getting deeper into the canal. Using Q-tips can shear the hairs and disrupt the normal self-cleaning capabilities of the ear. So, if I had to recommend the use of peroxide or Q-tips, I’d choose peroxide.”

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