Here are the company details of Jana Duggar Company

For many years Counting on Jana Duggar has been encouraged by her fans to open her own business and to consider starting her own home-renovation show. On social media and the Duggar family’s show, Jana has shown off some of her many projects. While some of her brothers flip homes, she comes in to help with the design process and isn’t afraid to do some dirty work.

Fans have been curious about Jana’s business and asked for an update on her plans. It was mentioned briefly by her, but nothing has been revealed. Instagram is full of Duggar-Bates fans asking about Janas’s Company.

Here are the company details of Jana Duggar Company

Jana is being supported by her fans who comment on the post. Many admired her eye for design, and would gladly purchase items from her shop.

What we know about Jana Duggar’s business

While Jana hasn’t officially launched her business yet, there is one in the works. Recently, more details were leaked about Jana’s company. She revealed that she has an Instagram account and website with the same name. Arbour Acres is her company name.

“We are passionate about finding beauty in our surroundings, gathering people together, and all things creative. We hope this becomes one of your favourite destinations for ideas that make you excited about life and all the good it has to offer! Stay tuned.”

Here are the company details of Jana Duggar Company

Is she making greater progress toward the launch of the project?

Jana attended the Las Vegas Market with Laura DeMasie, as we reported back in August. Per the website, it’s a B2B (business to business) market. The market is not open to everyone. Participants must be able to buy tickets by proving that they have the appropriate credentials.

Jana has attended the market so it appears that she may be working on her company. The market is meant for business purchases so it makes sense that she could have been buying products for her company. However, there are other explanations for her presence. She’s renovated homes for her family for years, so that could be enough to get access to the market.

Here are the company details of Jana Duggar Company

Launching a business can be difficult. Jana won’t be able to announce her company’s readiness until it is. But Jana attending the Las Vegas Market is a good sign that she’s still actively making plans for this venture.

So, are you excited to see what’s next for Jana Duggar? Are you positive that she will soon launch her business? Or do you think she’s waiting for some reason? Please comment below.

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