Here are five iPhone secrets that most people do not know.

Five iPhone tips that are secretly used by few people have been revealed.

If you own an Apple iPhone, these hacks are sure to make it perform as if your phone was brand new.

Tech experts have revealed five top hacks that will make your iPhone feel brand new


Five top iPhone hacks revealed by tech experts to make your iPhone look and feel like newCredit: Getty

If you’re looking to improve your iPhone performance, then these tips are for you. But only if know where they are.

When taking calls, block out background noise

Do you find yourself constantly interrupted by calls, or always working while on the road? This hack will help you.

When you answer the phone, click “Mic Mode”, and then “Voice Isolation” on your screen.

You will sound more confident and clearer by taking this simple step.

This will also improve your overall call quality if you don’t have AirPod Pros, or AirPod Max, both of which offer transparency mode.

Click to remove the background of a picture

Can unwanted backgrounds ruin the perfect shot?

It’s easy to fix and starts with your camera roll.

You can remove the background of a photo by selecting it, tapping on the icon to share and saving the image to your computer.

Select the image you want to save and click on the icon with three dots.

You will be able to choose whether or not you want the background removed.

Sharpen your photos in just one step

This is a great tip for getting better pictures if your camera’s quality has declined.

Click on settings then video, and select 1080 60 frames per second.

The iPhone HDR will be turned off and the video quality improved.

Do you need to remove something quickly? Shake to Undo

One simple move can be used to undo many actions.

First head to your iPhone settings and search for “shake to undo” in the top search bar – which can be found just under the touch section.

You can now shake your iPhone and undo any action.

You have written a text that you want to delete? You accidentally deleted your dog’s picture? You can now shake your iPhone to restore the deleted picture as if nothing ever happened.

The spacebar can be held down by tapping and holding it.

Your iPhone can be made easier to use by using your keyboard.

By holding the spacebar down on your keyboard while moving your cursor, you are able to edit text easily.

For some users, it is difficult to move the cursor where they need to edit. This is when the hidden trackpad can be very useful.

Holding two fingers on the screen will allow you to move the cursor.

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