Here are 15 of the best toys you can give to every kid in your family this Christmas

Here are 15 of the best toys you can give to every kid in your family this Christmas

The easiest people to get on your Christmas wish list are kids. Simply buy them something funny, squeaky, cute, or nerdy, and they’ll love you for the rest of the family dinner.

You may still have difficulty finding the perfect toy. We offer suggestions on what toys to give every child in your circle of friends and family. Whether it’s an under-$10 plush for your neighbor’s third grader or a makeup starter kit for the pre-teen gal in your life, you’re sure to find something here that will satisfy your holiday gifting needs.

Star Wars Grogu Plush Toy, 11-in “The Child”The Mandalorian

The Best for You Star WarsLittle cousin who is obsessed with everything

Mandalorian has been over for almost a year, but that doesn’t mean Grogu has escaped the hearts of the masses! Gift this to a kid who can’t get enough of this cute, goofy little character.

LED luminous color-changing mushroom toy

Ideal for: Your preteen niece, who is looking to update her bedroom decor

But you won’t be the cool uncle or aunt forever. These fun fungi are great for extending childhood sweetness and will be a gift to your niece.

Plush Stuffed Kitty

Ideal for: The neighbor child who asks every day about your cat

Sure, they can be annoying, but curious kids usually have the best intentions–even when it’s the sixth time this week they’ve stopped you to ask if they can come hang out with your beloved Fluffy sometime. This adorable plush is a great way to give them something cute.

Tobbles Neo

Ideal for: Your toddler’s growing brain

Several toys fit the above category, but these dinosaur egg-like stackables are weird, compact, and look easy to throw in a toy box when they’re not being tossed about by your little one.

Dreamland Kids Vanity Set With Mirror

This is the best for: Your favorite little glamour gal in training

If you know a kid who is already obsessed with raiding their mom’s makeup stash, this is the gift that will get you all the brownie points you need for the next year. You can see the reviews to see why:

“Perfect for my princess who spends more time in front of the mirror doing her make-up then I do. This purchase was a huge success!”

If you want bonus brownie points, tack on a fun beginner’s makeup kit.

Hot Wheels Stunt Garage

Ideal for: Your nephew’s toy car collection

Hot Wheels have been plenty of kids’ favorite toys for a long, long time, and they’re still popular as ever. To keep your little car enthusiast busy throughout the year, gift this stunt garage.

Vintage Phone

Best for: Your friend’s baby who just began jibber-jabbering

They don’t have to be able to say “mama”This toy is a classic toy. Plus it will likely be the only time in the baby’s life when they’ll see an old rotary like this!

Hand Knit Organic Stuffed Dog – Dash

Best for: Your socially and environmentally conscious friend’s new baby

It’s a little pricey, but it’s made from organic materials, fair trade, and will last them a lifetime. Plus, what kid doesn’t love a puppy?!

HEXBUG JUNKBOTS Small Factory Habitat sector 44 Research Laboratory

For: The child who loves surprises AndA challenge

This kit contains more than 200 pieces for children to explore, build and discover. They’ll be able to add to this setup, too, thanks to Hexbug’s vast line of tech toys and accessories made to help little minds grow.

12 V BMW 507 Licensed Electric Children Ride On Retro Car

For: The little one who you want to spoil

Every kid looks cooler than cool in this incredible BMW electric car, so pick their favorite color (black and white are also available) and get ready to be the favorite parent/aunt/uncle/whatever you are to them for life–or at least until next Christmas.

T’Challa Star-Lord Cosbaby Bobble-Head by Hot Toys – Marvel What If…?

Best for: Your Marvel-loving preteen godchild

If they’re out of that stage where any and all toys are good, get them something a little more grown up and special with this T’Challa Star-Lord collectible bobble-head. Just be forewarned: This is a pre-order so Christmas delivery isn’t guaranteed, but the wait will be worth it and give them something to look forward to post-holiday.

Smithsonian Plasma Ball

This is the best for: Your favorite geeky tween

This plasma ball will inspire science-loving children to experiment and have fun. The lights respond to touch and sound, so they’ll stay entertained figuring out ways to make the squiggly lines dance for hours.

Huffy 16 inch Disney Princess Girls Bike For Kids With Bubble Maker

Ideal for: A little girl who is almost ready to give up her training wheels

It has streamers, it’s pink and purple, and best of all, it’s a Huffy! Santa will give a child the gift of a bike and a slice of heaven. The boy’s versionThis is also very cool.

Discovery Kids Toy Easel Floor Stand Light Designer

Best for: Artistic children with an interest STEM/STEAM learning

One of the hottest selling products on JC Penney’s website right now is this easel that combines traditional drawing and art creation with a bit of LED light technology to really bring kids’ creations to life. You can easily remove the entire board to display their art anywhere you like.

20in Huggapals Rainbow Llama with Sparkle Eyes

Best for: A tot you don’t know well but want to gift Something

It’s a cute stuffed animal that’s soft and snuggly. Do we need to say more?

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