Heidi Montag slammed for promoting ‘single use’ jeans that claim to be ‘sustainable’ but say to throw out after ONE wear

THE Hills’ alum Heidi Montag has come under fire for promoting a jean brand that claims to be sustainable but urges customers to throw them out after one use.

S1NGLES Jeans calls themselves “the world’s first single-use jeans.”

Heidi Montag came under fire for promoting a single-use brand of jeans


Heidi Montag came under fire for promoting a single-use brand of jeansCredit: Instagram / S1nglesjeans

According to their website, S1NGLES jeans can only be worn once. In fact, their slogan is “Wear. Toss. Repeat.”

“When you’re done with them, you throw them away and wear a new pair. It’s that simple,” they wrote on their website.

“And it’s completely sustainable because S1NGLES are made from a proprietary blend of form-fitting cotton and recycled plastic.

Many people actually questioned why would anyone purchase a pair of jeans to only throw them out after one use or why would the mom of one promote the product.

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Unfortunately neither were expecting the pushback they received just 24 hours after going live.

After the 35-year-old reality TV star shared the ad campaign on social media, many took to the comment section to wonder what was going on.

One person wrote: “What in the global warming did I just read?”

A second added: “This has got to be a joke. This is the worst concept ever created if not.”

“I have to assume this is satire..?” a third one questioned.

But people weren’t just mad at the brand, but they were baffled that Heidi would even promote them.

“And she’s floating in the ocean like a single-use water bottle?” one person asked.

A second one commented: “I guess when you have money, you can afford to wear pants one time and throw them out!

“No thanks! I will stick to my Levi’s!!!”

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And a third said: “This is so wasteful, oh my God. Heidi, you really lost yourself.”

It’s still unsure when the jeans launch or how much they are going for, but the brand is coming out with an announcement on April 14.

Many people slammed her and the brand for the idea


Many people slammed her and the brand for the ideaCredit: Instagram / S1nglesjeans

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