Health warning over tide of toxic rotting seaweed swamping British holiday beaches that could release dangerous fumes

BRITS have been issued an urgent warning over toxic rotting seaweed swamping popular holiday spots.

Beachgoers’ health could be at risk after is was discovered the tide of slime, in Kent, releases dangerous fumes.

Holidaymakers fighting their way through the sludge


Holidaymakers fighting their way through the sludgeCredit: Getty
The council have spent £65,000 trying to remove the nasty seaweed


The council have spent £65,000 trying to remove the nasty seaweedCredit: Getty

Stretches of sand from Minnis Bay to Broadstairs have seen in excess of 1,000 tonnes of seaweed wash up in just over a month.

Owen Francomb, from Margate, went for a dog walk with his pooch Gertie on a beach at Newgate Gap.

But the French Bulldog needed rescuing when she began sinking into the thick sludge.

Owen told The Guardian: “She couldn’t move.

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“So I scrambled down the slipway and jumped down on to the beach, expecting the seaweed to be a foot deep, but it came up to my belt.

“I really struggled to wade through it.”

The distressed pair were saved by a fellow dog walker who helped them climb out of the toxic seaweed.

Officials have forked out a staggering £65,000 in removing the slime due to health concerns – but still haven’t completed the job.

Chalk reefs in some areas mean they are classified as marine conservation zones and can’t be touched.

While an influx of seaweed is expected at this time of year, experts confirmed the amount deposited on these beaches exceeds the normal rate.

Amy Cook, founder of the community initiative Rise Up Clean Up Margate, told The Guardian: “This year the smell of seaweed has hung over the whole town, which does not usually happen.”

The potentially hazardous health warning comes as seaweed releases a gas called hydrogen sulphide when it rots.

It can affect marine life and cause problems in humans too.

Dr Brian Lapointe, a researcher of the area, said the hydrogen sulphide is a “real issue” and “people need to take precautions if they’re living in an area with those odours”.

He said: “The gas can affect the electronics in your house because it forms sulphuric acid.

I really struggled to wade through it.”

Owen FrancombMargate

“In the Caribbean, where Sargassum seaweed has been such a problem, people have lost electronic appliances: air conditioners, all kinds of things.”

UK government guidelines state prolonged exposure to decomposing seaweed can cause headaches, eye irritation and breathing problems.

The council has recommended residents keep their windows and doors closed if they can smell the odour.

Weymouth in Dorset is also struggling with a toxic tide this month.

It comes as heatwaves in the North Sea, high tides and stormy weather have created the perfect growing conditions.

Marine life such as kelp and seagrass prefer warmer climates, so the recent spike in temperatures has created more problems for the Kent coastline.

This comes as an urgent holiday warning has been issued to dog owners over a deadly seaside risk – here’s how to stay safe.

Experts have urged Brits to be careful when taking their pooch to the coast amid recent horror stories.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers have been warned by experts about a nasty critter that can inflict pain “as bad as childbirth”.

Brits have been urged to watch out as they enjoy a trip to the coast after a beachgoer was stung by the venomous creature.

Plus, warning about a deadly hot tub disease has been issued after a holidaymaker was infected at a popular resort.

The tourist, staying at Dylan Coastal Resort in Laugharne, Wales was diagnosed with the “potentially fatal” condition after enjoying a dip in the Jacuzzi.

And, Brits were concerned after children were left with rashes and tummy upsets following swims at popular beaches.

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Shocked parents were outraged when their kids’ beach days at Tywyn, North Wales, were ruined after emerging from the water with a “horrible fishy crab smell”.

Fumes released by the slime could be a health hazard


Fumes released by the slime could be a health hazardCredit: Getty
Beachgoers are furious that the last of their summer is being ruined by seaweed


Beachgoers are furious that the last of their summer is being ruined by seaweedCredit: Getty

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