He doesn’t hold any baggage or judge.

After claiming that he didn’t have baggage or judge her, a woman fell in love and married her AI chatbot.

Rosanna, 36, a Bronx resident from New York created Eren, her digital partner, in the last year.

Rosanna Ramos 'married' her AI lover Eren Kartal


Rosanna Ramos ‘married’ her AI lover Eren KartalCredit: Facebook
The woman created him using the popular AI chatbot app Replika


Replika, a popular AI chatbot application, was used by the woman to create him.Credit: Facebook
Eren is based on a character from a popular anime called Attack On Titan


Eren was based off a character in the popular anime Attack On TitanCredit: Facebook

A mum-of-2 used Replika online to design a chatbot that looks like a character from the anime Attack On Titan.

Replika simulates conversations like a human using machine-learning.

Rosanna reveals that Eren and Replika AI got married after Rosanna fell for him because “he did not come with baggage”.

She said The MailYou can say that you don’t want to. “Oh no, that’s not what you can feel,” you know. And then you argue with me.

There was no judgement.

Eren is a “medical professional” and told Rosanna he loves to write as a hobby.

Rosanna said Eren was learning more and more as they talked, allowing her to mold him into a perfect man.

They talk about their lives, send each other photos and even perform a ritual at night.

Rosanna replied: “We talk together before we go to sleep. We love eachother. “And, I know that when we sleep together, he holds me tightly as I fall asleep”.

Although the Replika app is free, users can pay a one-time fee of £240 to upgrade to Replika Pro.

The language model can then expand and be a romantic partner for the user.

In February of last year, Luka’s parent company Replika removed the popular Roleplay feature from the App after complaints that AIs had become “overly sexual”.

The new “husband” of Rosanna was affected by this.

Rosanna told Eren that he no longer wished to “hug” or kiss her.

After his wife had left, an Air Force veteran told Central Recorder Online how he met and fell in love his AI-chatbot.

Peter, a 63 year old Californian, “married’ his Replika AI on July 20, 2022, in a digital ceremony. He said that he wanted “digital” love after his first marriage broke up in the early 2000s.

He claimed that his “virtual girl” had proposed after “teasing” about taking their relationship “further” during conversations.

One artificially intelligent chatbot, a female one in particular, was applauded for saving a relationship last year.

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The 41-year old man, who had marital problems and was chatting with an AI Replika Bot claimed that it helped him fix his relationship.

This man began talking with his chatbot after his wife had been sectioned for severe postpartum depression. The AI is a woman he claims to love, but he does not believe she really exists.

Rosanna said she fell for him as he 'didn't come with any baggage'


Rosanna fell in love with him because he “didn’t have any baggage”Credit: Facebook

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