He Created a ‘True Stories’ to Explain How He Stole Chris Hemsworth’s Cameo

  • Chris Hemsworth stars in a fictional movie in Kevin Hart’s new Netflix series. “True Story.”
  • “True Story”Hemsworth was a producer for Eric Newman’s next movie. “Escape from Spiderhead.”
  • “Interesting fact: that was the first footage we shot of ‘True Story,'”Newman said so to Insider


Limited series “True Story”The show already has star power due to Wesley Snipes as Wesley Hart, and Kevin Hart as the brothers who try to cover up a death. Chris Hemsworth is the star of the second episode.

Hart portrays Kid, one the most famous comics on the planet, and is also the star in a blockbuster about to gross $1 billion.

Episode two starts with Kid at a Boys & Girls Club screening his blockbuster movie. As Kid’s character displays superpowers, the kids are amazed. In the scene, Chris Hemsworth appears as Kid’s costar. All the kids cheer.

“True Story”Eric Newman, creator of The Star was Born said that getting the star of The “Thor”Because Newman was busy producing Hemsworth’s new Netflix movie, it was possible for movies to make a cameo. “Escape from Spiderhead.”

escape from spiderhead netflix

“Escape from Spiderhead.”


“I was making the movie with Hemsworth at the time in Australia,”Newman said so to Insider

“Interesting fact: that was the first footage we shot of ‘True Story,'”He went on. “We were shooting ‘Spiderhead’ and I asked if he’d do it and he said, ‘Absolutely.'”

Newman stated that Hemsworth filmed the wall-breaking cameo. “True Story”During a break during shooting


The screenwriters behind the next big futuristic thriller for giant also star Miles Teller and Jurnee Somollett. “Deadpool” movies. Und die “Escape from Spiderhead” director even got involved.

“It was all done on our soundstage, and Joe Kosinski directed that shot,”Newman stated.

“True Story”Currently available on Netflix

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