Hawkeye’s first scene after-credits details may have been leaked

From the stunning opening sequence of episode 1 to the impressive cameo in episode 2 Hawkeye is already an excellent treat for the fans who have been eagerly awaiting this Avenger’s standalone story. Two HawkeyeEpisodes are already available for streaming Disney Plus, we’re already done watching one-third of the story. The action is picking up fast, and we’re soon going to discover Hawkeye’s main villain. It might all happen in the series’ first post-credits scene, which is coming soon. You need to be able to understand the details before we can help you. The big spoilers are listed below.

The first HawkeyePost-credits scene

The first few episodes of MCU TV show on Disney Plus are the same as previous MCU TV shows. HawkeyePost-credits scenes are not included in these episodes. Fans probably expect that, but they’ll still fast-forward through the credits nonetheless, hoping for an extra gem at the end of each episode.

Episode 2 ends with a massive reveal that we’ll address later in this post. It’s the cameo I teased above. Echo (Alaquacox) prepares to question Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. (Hailee Steinfeld). She doesn’t say/sign anything to the “bro” calling for her, but she’s a part of the “bad guys”In Hawkeye.

Yes, it’s the same Echo who will star in the standalone EchoMarvel has confirmed the series Disney Plus. Marvel fans already know what this means in the MCU.

After episode 4, the first post-credits scene could happen. This is a common practice in MCU TV shows. A credits scene could be added in episode 3. The usual sources of Marvel rumors have already teased it in episode 4. In episode 4, there is a huge cameo in the post-credits scene. BingeWatchThis:

The main Hawkeye villain reveal

Rumours also suggest that the main HawkeyeThe Tracksuit Mafia and Echo will not be the villains. Instead, it’s a character that Marvel fans might already expect, especially given the Echo reveal. That’s Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), the antagonist you loved to hate in Netflix’s Daredevil.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing that D’Onofrio is back to his iconic villain role. And it’s not the first time we’ve heard that his MCU debut will be in Hawkeye. This Kingpin version will be a lot closer to the one in the comics.

It makes sense, then, to suppose that Kingpin might be the one. “BIG”In the episode’s post-credits scenes, reveal your identity. That said, there’s no connection between these two Hawkeye rumors.

The Kingpin appearance aside, we expect another major MCU appearance on the TV series. That’s Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova. It’s amazing how everything ended. Black Widow, we can’t wait to see Yelena and Clint interact.

Interestingly, there were other rumors that said the same thing. HawkeyeAnd There is no way home might share a common scene. That’s why the TV show dropped before the next Spider-Man movie. With that in mind episode 4 will air on Disney Plus on December 8, approximately one week prior to the premiere. There is no way home premiere.

The big HawkeyeFinal

Episode 4 post-credits and MCU Kingpin reveal aside, there’s one other thing you should know about Hawkeye. And unlike those claims, it’s not a rumor.

Rhys Thomas, Hawkeye director and producer, recently spoke out in a recent interview. TeasedIt will all be worth it! “something big.”

He didn’t explain what that significant development might be. But he teased that Hawkeye’s problems keep growing with each episode. The Bishop situation isn’t something he can solve in just a few days to get home to his family for Christmas. It keeps snowballing to the point where we’ll discover that big development Thomas alluded to.

Thomas stated that even though the stakes are higher, Hawkeye is also a self-contained story that explores this particular Avenger’s life in the aftermath of Endgame.

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