Harry the lonely prince ‘Trapped By Meghan,’Left Without Friends?

Has Meghan MarkleAlienated Prince HarryFrom all his friends? One tabloid’s cover story claims Harry is trapped in a “lonely world.” Let’s take a look at the rumor.

Prince Harry ‘Feeling Isolated And Alone’?

This week’s edition of Us Weekly Prince Harry is happy, according to reports “trapped”By his wife Meghan Markle. After moving from the UK to Los Angeles, it’s likely Harry and Markle aren’t as close as they once were to some old friends. The outlet claims Harry is becoming tired of his domestic life. According to a tabloid insider, “Harry lives a pretty solitary life these days.”

cover of Us Weekly with Prince Harry and text reading Trapped By Meghan
(Us Weekly)

According to the report Harry spends his free time riding his bike around Montecito, or hiking. “Harry says he loves being able to move around unrecognized,”These are the best dishes. “but some of his old friends find it hard to believe. It’s like he’s in hiding. It’s very out of character for him.”

The magazine recalls Harry as “the life of the party”Returned to England “He was very social,”An additional source provides more information. “He loves doing normal things like hanging out with friends at the local pub.”Markle and he now “rarely leave the house.”According to the outlet, Harry has had difficulty making friends in America. A neighbor of Harry claims that Harry is his friend. “goes through bouts of loneliness,”He also calls Markle “an immensely private couple.”According to the magazine Harry was happier as a working prince before he met Markle.

Prince Harry Becoming Meghan Markle’s ‘Personal Puppet’?

And after giving a status update on Harry’s “shaky”According to the magazine, Markle has too much control on Harry and his relationship with royal relatives. “It’s one thing to be madly in love, but the feelings among the Cambridges and Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, is that he’s turned into Meghan’s personal puppet,”The snitch explains. “It’s like he can’t see beyond it anymore.” The source remarks that Harry and Markle’s tumultuous relationship is bound to give. “The honeymoon period doesn’t last forever,”Insider tips.

The tabloid finally attempts to present a positive outlook. Harry is another insider. “is excited about what the future holds.”According to this source, “He has a ton of exciting projects on the horizon in America and globally and is dedicated to being the best husband and father he can be. He and Meghan are going to grow old together,”Addition “They have each other’s backs no matter what.”

Prince Harry Was ‘Happier’Before He Met Meghan Markle

According to the tabloid Harry is unhappy and under Markle’s control, but he is also very excited about the future, and has a solid relationship with his wife. It’s clear from the magazine’s lack of consistency that there is no real story here. Markle and Harry were happy before the COVID-19 epidemic. They also had a second baby in June. Many parents can confirm that having children is a drain on your social life.

Harry has been pretty vocal about the fact that he was struggling with his mental health as a working royal, so it’s a bit heedless to say he was “happier”That was back in those days. Harry was a busy parent, a volunteer for multiple charities, worked on various projects for Spotify and Netflix, and wrote a memoir. “hanging out with friends at the local pub”Do you do this every day? This report was only an attempt to further denigrate Markle. It was very poorly executed.

The Tabloids on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The tabloids are constantly casting doubt on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage. It wasn’t long ago that this was the case. Life & Style According to reports, Harry and Markle were out after a series “huge fights.”Then WHO Harry seemed to be enjoying the experience. “new life without Meghan.”Recent developments include In Touch Harry claimed Markle was asking Harry to stop buying clothes. Clearly, the tabloids aren’t reliable when it comes to the Sussexes.

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