Harry and Meghan Break Royal Protocol (Again).

Prince Harry Meghan Markle are making headlines for a royal blunder earlier this month when, while attending a gala, a sign was displayed with Markle’s name and title first. Here’s why it’s usually a no-no and why it’s not really their fault.

Royal Goof at Military Gala

The Duke and Duchess were guests at the Salute to Freedom Gala, New York. Harry presented medals to veterans. It was also the couple’s first red carpet appearance since they officially cut ties with royal life and duties. 

Harry wore his military medals, his Knight Commander of Royal Victorian Order Cross and Markle wore a Carolina Herrera bright red gown. When the duke and duchess entered the ballroom, a sign showed their names – with Markle’s name coming before the prince’s. 

This is a royal faux pas. This royal faux pas may be outdated. However, royal tradition still dictates that male title should always come first. In addition to that, some found Markle’s prominence over Harry inappropriate, given the event. Harry is a decorated veteran, who served two tours in Afghanistan; shouldn’t he have received precedence over Markle at a military event?

Is Harry being overshadowed and dominated by Meghan?

Many are simply chalking this up to an American goof, but others wonder if this is a subliminal message about Harry’s shrinking public profile. These days, the prince is often overshadowed by the public. 

Meghan Markle is the one who appears on Ellen and speaking at the New York Times’ DealBook Summit. Markle is the one causing waves by calling for paid parental leaves to be discussed with U.S. senators. Markle is being rumored as being considering a political run. 

Although rumors have been circulating that Markle could run for president, Suggest has repeatedly disproved this claim. More celebrities are being rumored for a presidential run after Trump’s presidency as a reality TV star, businessman, and former reality TV star. Markle is only the latest in a long list of famous faces who are rumored. (See: Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne). “the Rock” Johnson, George Clooney, etc). 

While some wonder if Harry is being ignored by his attention-seeking wife and others believe that this could be exactly what the prince was hoping for. After living his entire life in the spotlight, many don’t fault Harry for potentially wanting to take a step back from the public eye. 

Prince Harry and Meghan markle are still adapting to their new lives. There will be many mistakes and missteps. All in all, don’t we have more to worry about these days than which royal name comes first? 

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