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The 1st of January is accepted and celebrated as the new year all over the world with great enthusiasm and fun. As the day marks the beginning of the new year, it is one of the most special days for all people and everyone welcomes it in their own unique way, thus spreading happiness and joy in the surroundings.

On the midnight of 31st of December and 1st of January, each and everyone in the world celebrates the New Year.

New Year 2020 Images

Like Christmas, preparations for the new year are also started much in advance by the people. During these days, the market is fully crowded with people buying new clothes, gifts and a number of new things.

After celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December, people eagerly wait for the night of 31st December as this is the day when we recall all the good and bad memories of the whole year.

With bidding farewell to the past year and welcoming the new year, people celebrate this day with music and dance. Children also get a lot of gifts and delicious food to enjoy the new year party.

Quite a huge number of American citizens celebrate the new year’s eve with a number of parties, events and the final new year fireworks at midnight. A special gathering is also organized in the public square of many cities in the United States. Some couples also welcome the new year by kissing each other at midnight.

A unique new year tree is also made in every house. The entire family takes part in decorating the tree, with toys, candles, and colorful lights.

The preparation of cakes for the new year also begins in advance. A new year cake cutting ceremony takes place at midnight. In this way, people enjoy parties and celebrate the new year festival.

Happy New Year 2020 Images


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