Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour Put off Wedding Planning to Buy a House

  • Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour “Bachelor in Paradise”They said that planning their wedding is off-limits.
  • Godwin said they’re focusing on buying a house instead on an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday.
  • “There’s only so much money in the world,”Godwin stated this in the video.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour have taken a break from wedding planning.

GodwinSince the end of,, 26 and, 27, were engaged. “Bachelor in Paradise”Season six aired in September 2019.

Although they’ve been engaged for over two years, Godwin announced in an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday that they had paused planning their nuptials after someone asked for an update on their big day.

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin

Godwin and Barbour 2021

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Godwin explained in her Q&A that they had to delay the planning because they decided to buy a new house in San Diego, California, which they first announced in a YouTube videoThey shared their love on January 21.

“We did a lot of research and all this stuff, and then all of a sudden we decided to buy a new house,” Godwin said in the Q&A, which she posted on her Instagram story. “And there’s only so much money in the world.”

“So coming soon. I’m sorry,”She added laughter.

Godwin and Barbour announced on YouTube that they made the decision to leave their current home after someone showed interest in buying it.

Although they’re focusing on their new home instead of the wedding, Godwin still answered a question about what style of wedding dress she wanted to wear during the Instagram Q&A.

“Part of me wants simple, but then I’m like, I can always wear a simple dress,”She spoke. “Maybe I go big.”

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