Hack Claims Ice In Dryer May Help Smooth Wrinkles From Clothes

When you’re young you think being a grown-up will be amazing. You’ll go on vacations, drink fancy cocktails, and basically live the life of your dreams. Then, all of a sudden you’re in your late 30s and the realization that chores will be an everyday occurrence has definitely set in. And, you don’t even get paid an allowance?!

And, of course, there are the chores that are just the worst. Ironing is very close to the top of the chores-I-hate-most list. It’s tedious, repetitive, and overall the most underwhelming of chores. Even washing dishes by hand is better than ironing a pile of clothes.

There has to be a better way to de-wrinkle clothes. Standing in front of an ironing board for the better part of the evening needs to be a thing of the past. A hack that’s making the rounds again sounds like it might do the trick.

On The Rocks

If you have a few pieces of clothing that have been sitting in the dryer or in the laundry basket for a little too long, don’t pull out the ironing board just yet.

While there are a lot of laundry do’s and don’ts out there, a viral hack encourages you to throw a few pieces of ice into the dryer with the clothes. And after about ten minutes, your clothes should be wrinkle-free.

This hack has been making the rounds on TikTok, and usually, people use it for cotton T-shirts and other cotton-blend clothing.

A caveat is to only put in a few pieces at a time. A large load will likely not have great results. The ice melts quickly in the high heat of the dryer, producing steam, which promptly gets rid of any wrinkles.

If you’re uncomfortable with putting ice into your dryer, or you just don’t like the sound of the ice rattling around, then there’s a tried and true laundry hack that a lot of us have been using forever. Just throw in a damp washcloth with your wrinkled clothes, and the results should be the same. It’ll create steam, resulting in de-wrinkled clothes.

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Hold The Ice, Please

There are some articles of clothing this hack will likely not work with, however. It’s not recommended for jeans, towels, sweaters, and other heavy clothing or bedding. These will probably need more than a few ice cubes to de-wrinkle them.

While we couldn’t find any hard and fast info on whether or not it could damage your dryer, if you have concerns, we’d say skip this hack.

The iron or steamer will be there if you need it, and you can always just wear your clothes wrinkled. We promise nobody’s judging you. (At least we’re not!)

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