Gwen Stefani’s Retirement Idea for Blake Shelton is Perfect For Country Lovers

Blake Shelton is approaching a significant milestone. Gwen Stefani, Blake’s wife, is already thinking of gifts to celebrate the occasion. What gift will Shelton get from the pop star to celebrate his retirement? The Voice?

Shelton Announces That He Will Be Resigning ‘The Voice’

Shelton stunned the world by announcing that he was leaving. The VoiceAfter the next season. “This show has changed my life in every way for the better,”He wrote the statement in an Instagram post. “And it will always feel like home to me.”

‘It’Hard [Because] He Has Everything’

His departure from the show is nearing and it seems like his family and friends are having trouble coming up with gifts ideas. Stefani recently acknowledged how difficult it was to buy Shelton gifts. However, she did manage to find a few items that he might enjoy. 

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“This is crazy ’cause everyone’s coming after me for ideas, ‘What should we do?’ and it’s hard, you know, he has everything,” Stefani laughed. “But I think his favorite thing would be a bag of corn, like honestly, he would be so thrilled. Or fertilizer or something like that.”

Will Stefani’s Team Win Big This Season?

Stefani is also a judge The Voice this season—the first time she’s returned to the show since she and Shelton tied the knot last year. Shelton was teased by the singer, she said. 

“I was definitely pressing when Blake would press, ’cause I like to mess with him, but I also like to follow his taste,” Stefani joked. Shelton is married to Stefani, but the pop star still has plans for this season. 

“I just know that I have an incredible team this season,”She spoke. “I always do, but I feel like there’s something really different about this season overall. I feel like it’s been a really relaxed season. I haven’t planned anything, I’ve just kind of been in the moment as much as possible.”

Fans The Voice We are sorry to see Shelton leave after so many years. However, the country singer is ready for a major change. Stefani looks like she has the perfect gift for when her husband is leaving the show.

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