Grey’s Anatomy’s Bailey will be ‘On Edge’ in the next episode, and fans should be worried

Grey's Anatomy's Bailey will be 'On Edge' in the next episode, and fans should be worried

Warning! This story covers the Season 18 episode. Grey’s Anatomy, “Road Trippin’.”Take care!

Things have been getting messy at Grey Sloan, and I’m not talking about the surgeries. A number of surgeons have quit or retired after COVID, which has led to a shortage of doctors at Grey Sloan. Grey’s AnatomyIt is now in a Imaginary post-COVID world), and still more of our heroes are unavailable for a multitude of reasons. It seems that Miranda Bailey’s powder keg is about to explode under the pressure, and fans have reason to be worried about what’s to come.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) tried to counteract the doctor shortage in “Road Trippin’”She joyfully grabbed an OR and left a still-injured person behind. Hunt responsible for overseeing oversight. Unfortunately that would be the day that someone shows up to notify the hospital about complaints made against the residency program, and now they’re at risk of losing it. Let this sink in. The residency program which introduced us to Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie George Could be shut down. Check out the description for next week’s episode, titled “Put It to the Test”:

Bailey is nervous when Grey Sloan’s accreditation council stops by to review the residency program. Richard then sets his assessment for the day. Nick is back in Seattle with Meredith to conduct a first of its kind operation.

Bailey, of course! “on edge,” because think about everyone who’s missing: Richard Since its inception, Schmitt’s Webber Method surgery-gone-wrong; Schmitt obviously also hasn’t returned, and even actor Jake BorelliIs Be concerned about his future; Hunt hasn’t been cleared to return to work following his near-death accident; Hayes Left the countryAfter learning about Owen’s illegal deeds; Meredith Amelia Minnesota is home to half of all Minnesotans. It’s no surprise that doctors have forgotten hand sanitizers in this post-COVID world. Maggie Meredith and Meredith now have taken turns The flu kept you at home

The promo for the episode, however, makes all this sound worse. Check out what’s to come:

It’s no surprise that Webber and Bailey aren’t going to take the news well when they hear that Meredith has been offered a full-time position in Minnesota, but will that information push the chief over the edge to another heart attack? It would be a devastating blow for the Grey’s AnatomyCast, but it would also have implications in terms of the events of Station 19

Bailey and her husband BenHave been fighting for custody Pru Miller, whose father DeanHe was killedIn an accident that occurred earlier in the season of the drama about firefighters. Despite Ben and Bailey’s legal rights to custody, Dean’s parents wanted to raise their granddaughter, but had agreed to let Ben have her, as Dean’s mother had heart problems of her own. If something happened to Bailey, that could throw the whole custody agreement into turmoil, and that’s not even taking into consideration the Millers’ ultimatum to BenHis career as a firefighter.

It doesn’t look good, y’all, but all we can do is tune in next week to see what happens. Grey’s AnatomyThe program will be available for viewing at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, April 7, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Check out our website for more information. 2022 TV scheduleTo see which new and returning shows will be premiering soon, click here

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