‘Grand Army’ Season 2 Release Date | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Grand Army became one of the latest shows on Netflix to be scrapped off by the streaming giant. According to the reports from TVLine, the teen drama is reportedly canceled after the first season.`

In addition to this, the series is based on Katie Cappiello’s notable work Slut (2006). The series revolved around five students who accumulate education from the significant high school in the heart of Brooklyn.

The series had many potentials to con“tinue in the streaming platform, but it seems things didn’t work out. The first season was released on the 16th of October 2021, where the students took on the chaotic modern-day shenanigans to fight, break free, wild out, and succeed.

'Grand Army’ Season 2 Release Date | Renewed Or Cancelled?

Grand Army Season 2: Cast and Crew

The series features Odessa A’zion as Joey Del Marco, a dancer, Odley Jean as Dominique ‘Dom’ Pierre, the celebrated basketball player, Amir Bageria as Siddhartha ‘Sid’ Pakam (a member of the swim). He is facing a struggle with his sexual orientation.

Maliq Johnson from When They See Us portrays the role of musician Jayson Jackson, Amalia Yoo portrays the role of Leila Kwan Zimmer, a Caucasian-Jewish American-Chinese girl.

Grand Army Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Status

Johnson revealed to TVLive that Katie is very big on making the role as authentic as humanly possible. Fans had a lot of expectations from the popular series in the second season.

'Grand Army’ Season 2 Release Date | Renewed Or Cancelled?

As the reports regarding the cancellation of the series came into being, there is no evidence if there will be a second season either. The cancellation has reportedly disappointed a lot of fans around the world. Given that the series was new, it didn’t go unnoticed by the users of the streaming giant.

It took a lot of time for Netflix to come up with a decision, but the decision to cancel the series is final, and nothing will bring Grand Army back to life!

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