Google Maps sleuth spots man ‘doing a poo’ on car roof in bizarre photo

It appears another man has become the unsuspecting victim of Google Maps street view camera as he appears to be “doing a poo” on a car roof.

The image was taken at Beaver Drive in Wyoming, USA, and shows the gentleman sitting on the roof of a car.

You can also see a woman with a child and close by the vehicle. However, the couple seem to have noticed it as they look in its direction.

The image was posted on Reddit with the comment: “Aww no, Daddy’s doing doo-doo on the car roof again.”

It caused amusement for many users on the platform with many giving the post an upvote, labelling the man as “poopy guy”.

Man appearing to poo on car
The man was capturing squatting on the roof by Google’s camera car

One user commented: “That one girl with the yellow shirt in the background looks like she’s laughing her a** off.”

While another, who investigated further, said: “if you go one frame past the house, you can still see poopy guy in position but whoever was with him left lmao.”

A man caught pooing on car
It reminded some Reddit users of an episode of TV Show Better Call Saul

There was one user who suggested it was the “Chicago Sunroof”, which is when someone defecates through the open sunroof of a car.

Jimmy McGill, also known as Saul Goodman from the hit TV show Better Call Saul, introduced the term.

Although the image was meant as a joke about the man becoming number two, due to his awkward pose at the time of the photograph was taken, many were curious to see what was actually happening in the photo.

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Many users believe that the man was simply attaching bikes to the car by making adjustments on the roof.

A user said: “I think he’s fixing something on the roof. In one pic he’s actually covering his face with his hand. I think he saw the Google car.”

Another added: “He’s still got his pants on. Looks like he’s just getting it ready to tie bikes on top.”

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