Good news For Wipro Employees: Heavy promotions This Year

Here is good news for the Wipro employees. Wipro is going to give more than 5000 promotions to its employees this year in the month of December. Wipro feels that it is very important to encourage younger talent with precious digital skills.

As you know, Wipro is in a field where this type of talent matter a lot for the company. This is why Wipro is going to promotion to a lot of employees because of the high demand for these skills in the market.

Good news For Wipro Employees: Heavy promotions This Year

Wipro and other similar companies have seen the very high performance in the three to five-year experience leveled people in this field. And also there is a lot of demand globally for such skills.

Most of the customers of Wipro and other IT companies are shifting to the latest technologies such as Artificial intelligence or cloud computing. So, becomes very crucial for a tech company to move to the latest technologies at a fast pace otherwise the company will lose its precious customers.

Except for the rival IT companies of Wipro, the global companies of Information Technology are placing their captives India and are capturing Indians with precious digital skills and are creating huge competitions in the country.

The president and chief human resources officer, Saurabh Govil at Wipro told that giving promotions to 5000 employees with digital skills would create a positive hype among Wipro and the technical field too.

Good news For Wipro Employees: Heavy promotions This Year


And Wipro had paid retention of 1 lakh rupees to its freshers who were hired to Wipro with campus selection and had completed a total of 1 year working in the company.

Lastly, Govil said that their practices are helping then to retain more youngsters with digital skills and are encouraging them.

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