Gogglebox celebrity stars make fun of This Morning by joking about “fired staff” and toxic working environment

CELEBRITY gogglebox took a brutal swipe at This Morning with Roman Kemp as the leader.

When confronted with a clip from an episode of This Morning, the stars of Channel 4 didn’t back down.

Roman Kemp took the mickey out of This Morning on Celebrity Gogglebox


Roman Kemp made fun of This Morning Celebrity GoggleboxCHANNEL 4, Credit
It came as Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary did 'rave therapy'


Alison Hammond & Dermot O’Leary were doing ‘ravetherapy’ITV

Alison Hammond & Dermot O’Leary, two presenters from the BBC and ITV were forced to don a ‘rave-style’ outfit before engaging in glow stick ‘ravetherapy’.

Roman made the viewers laugh even before the program started. He sang along with This Morning’s theme music.

Martin, the father of his Spandau Ballet actor son, quipped: “There is nothing wrong with our show ….”

After Phillip Schofield abruptly left This Morning last month, there have been many accusations that the workplace was ‘toxic.’

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Katherine Ryan could not help herself as she observed Alison dancing to raving music on the sofa.

She joked about the toxic environment at work to Bobby, her new husband, as she danced her best. We are non-toxic!

Nick Grimshaw, former Radio 1 presenter and Liv Grimshaw, his niece were both keen to poke fun.

Nick told the audience that, “Normally these people are shouted down and today you’re allowing them to dance!”

Liv remarked, “Is it all of the staff that work for This Morning?” “I thought there’d be more?”

Nick joked, “Oh everybody’s fired haven’t you?

The scenes were so popular that fans couldn’t stop watching them.

A tweet said: “I enjoyed the celebrities #CelebrityGogglebox making jokes on #ThisMorning!”

The other person also agreed, “Me too! Their reactions were just hilarious!”

And someone else said: “The fact that it’s the CELEBRITIES joking about This Morning too and not just us regulars!”

Celebrity Gogglebox was back on Friday for a new series.

Channel 4 previously confirmed the lineup, including show favourites Nick, Clare Balding, Shaun Ryder and Bez, and Rob Beckett .

Zoe Ball, Johnny Ball and Woody Cook, Denise Van Outen and Duncan James will also be back for the new series.

Katherine, Davina Mccall and Chris Packham are new to the show.

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The viewers had mixed feelings about Chris, especially when he revealed that he has an unusual hobby.

  • Channel 4 will be broadcasting Celebrity Gogglebox at 9pm on Friday, September 29th.
Katherine Ryan quipped about This Morning being 'toxic' to her husband Bobby


Katherine Ryan made a joke about This Morning causing her husband Bobby to be ‘toxic’Credit: Channel 4
This Morning staff were seen raving in the gallery backstage


Backstage, staff from This Morning were seen screaming in the gallery
Nick Grimshaw joked that it looked empty as 'everyone has been fired'


Nick Grimshaw jokingly joked about it looking empty because ‘everyone’s been fired.Credit: Channel 4

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