GMA’s Michael Strahan blasts A-lister’s shady comments in new video for “making him feel older”.

MICHAEL Strahan criticised A-lister Derek Jeter for making him “feel old” in a recent video.

GMA’s host, Derek, played a joke on him and the retired players of baseball.

Michael Strahan slammed Derek Jeter in a new video for 'making him feel old'


Michael Strahan attacked Derek Jeter’s age in a recent video./michaelstrahan
Derek told the camera that he grew up watching Michael playing football


Derek revealed to the cameras that he was raised watching Michael play football/michaelstrahan

Michael, 51 years old, uploaded a video on his Instagram account Tuesday.

Derek, Paige Spiranac (30), and some other friends played golf for charity.

Derek pointed to Michael and looked at the video camera.

The former baseball player stated, “I watched Michael Strahan as a child.”

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Derek, 48 asked one of his friends if they felt the same way.

He said, “Ofcourse.”

Michael said: “You Know what?” You are just making me feel older, you old man.

Paige, the GMA host who was lining up his putter said “I wasn’t alive back then.”

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Kevin was about to start talking when Michael said: “Kevin! Don’t speak to him!” Paige’s the only member of their team you can reach.”

Did you not hear what she was saying? Derek asked.

Paige reiterated what she told Michael. The GMA host then yelled, “Don’t even talk to Paige!” Do not talk to them. Right now, they are not our closest friends.

Michael captioned You can post a comment below.“Got roast for my age ???? At least it was for a good cause, @jeterturn2. No I didn’t hear you, @_paige.renee but that was COLD BLOODED!! 😂😂😂”


Derek was added to the FOX Sports MLB team coverage in February for 2023.

The big announcement came during the Super Bowl pregame show — during which the New York Yankees legend appeared to have taken a swipe at Michael, leaving NFL fans baffled.

Host Curt Menefee revealed Derek would be joining FOX Sports a few hours before the Super Bowl LVII kick-off.

The five-time World Series champion joined Curt, Michael, and another Yankees icon, Alex Rodriguez, on the stage amid boos from the Philadelphia Eagles fans.

But things got awkward when the former New York Giants defensive end welcomed Derek to the team.

“This is like a New York reunion,” Michael, now a Good Morning America co-host, said.

After the two had shook each other’s hands, Jeter replied: “Maybe I will call you back.”

They then exchanged jabs on playing golf and booking dinner.

NFL fans were left in confusion by this exchange.

“Why Derek Jeter just ask why Michael Strahan hasn’t called him back.”

One person said: “Hahaha, maybe you’ll be calling me back again” Jeter.

Just rewatched Derek Jeter’s announcement. Man, did he make some hilarious insults to Strahan.


Michael posted a video over the weekend of himself and his mother engaging in an unhealthy but fun activity.

The GMA host shared the picture with his more than 1 million Instagram followers to honor his mom onMother’s Day.

Michael’s mom and himself were seated next to one another, wearing blue and black attire and holding cigars while smiling.

He captionedThe post: “Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the Mothers out there!! Enjoy your day!!”

Michael wrote a note to his mother: “Love You Mom, You Are The Greatest.”

A hashtag was also added to the caption by an American journalist, #MothersDay.

The picture that he posted showed his mother, who is between the ages of 80-85 years old. They both looked radiant as each held a cigar unlit in their hand.

The second picture in the article shows him and his mother smiling with gold bullet-shell necklaces that seemed like keepsakes of a thrilling activity they had done together.

Many women have commented on the bond between his mother, a former professional footballer and him.

“Happy Mother’s Day to your mother as well,” someone said.

“I’ll be darned if you’re not the best son,” another said.

She said: “Of course, next to mine.”

Jessica Dennehy, former Wall Street lawyer and author Jessica Dennehy said: “We’re all grateful to your mother because she gave you the world.”

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She went on to say: “I’m sure she’s so proud of all you’ve done, but she should also be proud of herself bc she’s obviously an amazing momma!”

One person even said: “Did the two of you shoot together?” The shell necklaces.

Michael told his teammate to not talk to Derek or his teammate Paige, who said she wasn't even alive when he played


Michael warned his teammate not to talk to Derek, or Paige who claimed that she was dead when they played./michaelstrahan
When Derek Jeter was announced as new commentator of FOX Sports this year, he delivered another jab to Michael


Derek Jeter, the new FOX sports commentator for this year announced a jab at MichaelCredit: Twitter@MLBONFOX
Recently, the GMA host enjoyed a cigar with his mom on Mother's Day


GMA’s host, Michael Strahan, enjoyed a cigar on Mother’s Day with his mom/Michael Strahan

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