Glenda Cleveland: What happened? Jeffrey Dahmer’s Neighbor tried to Warn Cops

Glenda Cleveland: What happened? Jeffrey Dahmer's Neighbor tried to Warn Cops

We now know that Konerak Sinthasomphone was 14 years old. He had been drugged and assaulted by Dahmer. Dahmer would later kill him, but Dahmer convinced police that the young man was his 19 year old boyfriend, who had had too many drinks. The incident was dismissed by the cops. “a domestic squabble between two homosexuals,” per a 1991 Milwaukee Sentinel report.

Per iHorrorSmith and Childress went back to Cleveland and informed them. Cleveland called the police, shared her concerns, and repeatedly stated that she believed the young boy was a child. One point she asked, “Are you positive?” Because this child doesn’t even speak English. My daughter knew him from her previous encounters with him, when she saw him on the streets. You know, catching earthworms.” Cleveland was assured that he wasn’t a child.

Dahmer continued to kill four other victims, even though Cleveland made concerned reports to police.

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