Glastonbury fans left furious as Elton John’s duet partner Kiki Dee is ‘replaced’ during his headlining show

GLASTONBURY supporters were furious when Elton John’s legend duet partner Kiki was abruptly replaced.

Popstar Jay-Z took the Pyramid Stage to perform his headline performance, promising a number of surprises.

Singer Rina Sawayama stepped in for Kiki Dee


Kiki Dee’s replacement, Rina Sawayama, has been replaced by Rina SawayamaCredit: BBC
Elton's famous duet partner failed to appear


Elton John’s duet partner has not appearedCredit: BBC

The viewers all agreed that Elton’s biggest hit was performed by him.

Rina sawayama, a new performer who was chosen to replace Kiki dee as the original female singer of Don’t Go breaking My Heart by Elton John.

To cover the young star, Elton wore a golden suit.

Fans were left disappointed as they had wanted to see him perform with his duet partner for the final time.

Glastonbury fans ask the same thing as Elton John brings out first surprise guest
Elton John’s Glastonbury guest performer ‘revealed’ after soundcheck

A fan expressed his disappointment by writing online “Aah it’s Kiki dee.”

Second: “We want Kiki dee !!!”

A third was also ‘gutted.’ They wrote, “Awww Gutted. I had hoped it was going to be Kiki Dee.”

Fans were asked this question at the beginning of the show when they could not identify the very first guest.

Jacob Lusk, a singer from Gabriels joined Elton to perform the classic Are You Ready for Love.

Prior to joining the band, he placed fifth on American Idol’s tenth edition.

A fan posted online: “Who are you?” Britney was our goal.

One more: “First visitor… I’ve never heard of him.”

The third asked simply: “Who?”

Today, music correspondent Mark Savage sent the rumour mill into overdrive as he tweeted: “Elton John’s team just performed a soundcheck at Glastonbury.

A member of crew was testing a microphone when he said, “One two one.” Rina mic. One, two. Is @rinasawayama on the Pyramid Stage tonight?”

Rina Sawayama sang on Woodsies’ stage on last night. She also worked with him to create the song Chosen Family by 2021.

The pair rocked out on stage


They rocked on the stageCredit: BBC

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