Gisele Bündchen’s secret heartbreak amid Tom Brady split revealed by relationship expert

GISELE Bündchen hides a secret heartache that’s impacting her healing from her failed marriage, a relationship expert has claimed.

She believes that Gisele’s Divorce from Tom Brady was unique and will cause her more uncertainty over the next few months.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady with Jack, Vivian and Benjamin before their divorce


Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady with Jack, Vivian and Benjamin before their divorce/@tombrady
Tom and Gisele as a married couple in happier times in 2019


Tom and Gisele, a happy couple during 2019Credit: AP

Gisele recently expressed her feelings about her relationship with Tom and Jack, her 15-year-old son. She commented on an Instagram photo of her ex husband using a red heart emoticon. It showed Jack and his father on the football pitch.

Expert in Relationships Jo Hemmings told Central Recorder U.S: “Being an ex-wife is one thing to try and cope with, but being an ex-stepmom to 15 year-old Jack might feel like a huge emotional wrench.

“Gisele has always said she considered Jack her son and even though the marriage fell apart, their love for Jack will not be diminished in any way. The heart emoji was created to emphasize that fact.

“Amid Gisele’s distress she’ll have to look at how she fits into Jack’s life in the future and she’ll be suffering.

Gisele leaves comment on Brady's post about son Jack after pair's divorce
Gisele moves into new $11.5m Miami pad opposite Brady and talks to designer

“This a complex situation and one which is rarely considered which means Gisele will be feeling an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness that her relationship with her stepson will be unavoidably changed as a result of her marriage ending.

Tom Brady's three children Vivian, Benjamin and Jack whom Gisele was stepmom to before her divorce


Tom Brady has three children Vivian (Benjamin), and Jack (Gisele was her stepmom before getting divorced)./@gisele

“Being as inclusive as she has been, bringing Jack into the family and their own children with joy, love and enthusiasm, simply won’t be able to happen in the same way anymore.”

Tom and Gisele ended their 13-year marriage at the beginning of October. After that, they went on legally to share their daughter Vivian 9, and their son Benjamin 12.

However, the NFL’s star shares Jack also with Bridget Moynahan (actress and celeb Bridget Moynahan), with whom Gisele was close over the years.

Gisele even mentioned her past parental status in the past: “I don’t like the word stepmom, I like the word bonus mom because I feel like it’s a blessing in my life.” Before you add: “I feel so lucky that I got to have an extra wonderful little angel in my life.”

Gisele wrote in her memoir 2018 that although the Jack’s birth was shocking, it felt like a gift.

Gislele and the three children Vivian, Benjamin and Jack who was Gisele's stepson


Gisele with her children Vivian and Benjamin as well as Jack, who was Gisele’s stepson/@tombrady

“When you’ve been used to operating as a close-knit blended family, the break-up of a marriage also often results in the breakup of the relationship with all the children in it,” explains Jo.

“The stark realization of that associated loss can feel quite brutal.

“Now that chain, possibly already fragile and difficult to navigate at times, has been broken further by the end of her marriage to Tom and so Gisele will be unsure of how best to move forward in her relationship with Jack.

“She will wonder what Jack’s extended division of loyalties will do to their relationship.”

The ex-Victoria’s Secret model was already facing a complex and uncertain situation when she met the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback in 2006. It was also around that time Bridget, his ex, announced that Bridget had given birth to her baby.

However, Tom and Gisele were able to wed in 2009. Bridget then married Andrew Frankel in 2015. Bridget became a stepmom to Andrew’s three children from their previous relationships.

The actress Bridget Moynahan in 2018 who is Tom Brady's ex and mom to his son Jack


Bridget Moynahan, an actress in 2018, is Tom Brady’s ex-wife and mother to Jack.Credit: Getty

“Given that Gisele never wanted to be called a stepmom presumably in part because of its negative connotations, she’ll feel equally, if not more, strongly about being labelled an ex stepmom, ” says Jo.

“However whatever Gisele and Bridget may feel about each other, which is bound to be full of complex and mixed emotions, I think they will both do their best to ensure Jack’s stability and happiness moving forward.

“They’re likely to mask their feelings – perhaps jealousy from Bridget to Gisele about the close relationship she has with her son – in order to ensure Jack’s welfare, especially at such an impressionable age.

“Living close by will definitely help Gisele but she does need to remain mindful that Bridget is his biological mother and that she shouldn’t create any kind of situation where Bridget feels that she’s being marginalized or compromised in that role.

Bridget and Tom in 2005 at the Met Gala in New York


Bridget with Tom at the Met Gala 2005 in New YorkCredit: Getty

Travis Barker’s step-daughter Atiana De la Hoya, another great example of how step relationships can survive through family change, is Travis Barker.

“Travis married Atiana’s mother, Shanna Moakler in 2004, when Atiana was five years old and while they went onto have two children of their own.

Travis Barker and stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya together


Travis Barker and Atiana de La Hoya, Travis Barker’s stepdaughter/Atiana De La Hoya

Travis and Shanna divorced in 2008, but Travis continues to be close with Shanna. She’s 23 now.

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It is not easy to keep close ties with your step-children. However, it seems like the rewards, particularly in the celebrity world, which can sometimes be shallow and demanding, are well worth the effort.

“Anchoring both stepmoms and dads to family values and recognizing what really matters in life is important.”

Tom and Jack together in a photo Tom shared on Instagram


Tom and Jack with Jack in an Instagram photo Tom shared/@tombrady
Travis Barker, Landon Asher Barker, Alabama Barker and Atiana De La Hoya in 2019 in Los Angeles


Travis Barker, Landon Asher Barker Barker, Alabama Barker, Atiana La Hoya and Travis Barker are all 2019 Los Angeles residentsCredit: Getty

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