Ghostbuster’s Paul Feig Had A Classy Response As Afterlife Hit Theaters

Ghostbuster’s Paul Feig Had A Classy Response As Afterlife Hit Theaters

It’s no secret while many critics enjoyed the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot, various diehard Ghostbusters fans did not. At the time, fans voiced their disdain for the film’s all-female cast, with their disappointment in the decision showing in the 2016 female-led film becoming a box office bomb. Besides the cast, director Paul Feig received some flak for the film’s disappointing commercial performace. This led Columbia Pictures to pivot away from a sequel and do a follow-up to the original series – Ghostbuster: Afterlife. Feig, despite being a bit bitter about their experience, was actually the exact opposite. This is evident by his gracious response. Afterlife’s release.

The GhostbustersDirector was to Twitter To congratulate the latest entry to the Ghostbusters universe. Paul Feig seemed to be equally excited. Ghostbusters: AfterlifeAs moviegoers, the sequel arrived in cinemas. The sequel’s journey to the cinema has been a drawn-out battle, to say the least. Feig didn’t get bitter that he wasn’t given another chance. Instead, he chose to support Jason Reitman’s film and his director. You can see the Ghostbusters director’s celebratory tweet below:

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Paul Feig demonstrated that not all difficult situations lead to people becoming bitter. Someone with a big ego and low self-esteem would’ve trashed the sequel even before seeing it. Feig chose Feig to be the champion Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s success as it cultivates a new generation of Ghostbusters fans. He was happy to see both old and new fans being introduced to a new group.

However, there was one thing that stood out in his sweet message. Perhaps mentioning “more etco adventures”Paul Feig mentioned possible sequels and crossovers in the future. Paul Feig may have been hinting at something. Given Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s stellar opening weekend, Columbia Pictures will be down for doing more films. This could be the. Last ChristmasThe 2016 cast and director could both re-enter the fray. Hopefully Feig’s positive reaction to the film will spell that much-deserved crossover to happen later.

Paul Feig presenting Jason Reitman with his props appeared to leave the door open for more Ghostbusters opportunities. Upon seeing Feig’s kind words, Reitman gave back the love on TwitterMention how Simple FavorHis inspiration came from a director.

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Jason Reitman helming Ghostbusters: AfterlifeIt was a turning point for the franchise. The AfterlifeThe franchise was first seen by director when his father, Ivan Reitman directed the first two films. Having grown up on the set, Jason Reitman got to carry on the franchise’s legacy by introducing it to a new generation.

With that new generation interacting with the beloved multimedia franchise, there’s bound to be a Ghostbusters renaissance. We hope that the mutual love and respect between Jason Reitman and Paul Feig will lead to a possible Renaissance Ghostbusters collaboration. To catch the movie, you can go to a nearby cinema. Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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