Get free Sound of Freedom UK movie tickets

Get free Sound of Freedom UK movie tickets

HITC explains the steps to get free Sound of Freedom cinema tickets in UK now that 2023 has been screened internationally.

Sound Of Freedom, the American action movie directed by Alejandro Monteverde, has been a box office success despite a modest budget of only $14.5 million. The film was first released in July in the US and made headlines in many ways. However, international audiences had to patiently wait until this point. With it released in the UK on Friday, September 1st 2023, here’s how to claim free Sound Of Freedom cinema tickets.

Get free Sound of Freedom UK movie tickets

Angel Studios is offering audiences the chance to request free UK tickets for Sound Of Freedom courtesy of its ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme.

When the movie ends and the credits roll, there is a message from central star Jim Caviezel who explains that there is the option to ‘pay it forward’ and buy a ticket for somebody so they can see the movie.

To claim one, head to the official Angel Studios website and navigate to the ‘Can’t Afford Tickets? Claim a free ticket from someone who paid it forward or share free tickets with someone’ section.

Once you’ve clicked on this, you can request a free ticket by entering your location, selecting a date and showtime, and then following the prompts.

Choose from a range of UK screenings.

‘It is a word-of-mouth film’

In an interview with Newsweek, the Sound Of Freedom Director opened up on the film’s success.

“It is a word-of-mouth film,” he You can learn more about this by clicking here.. “You’re not going to walk in the street and see a billboard [promoting it], because we don’t have the marketing resources to do that.”

He acknowledged that “The success has happened from people telling people go see this film because[…]this movie has been attacked in many ways, and the audience are the ones that came out and defended it.”

On this note, Alejandro argued that the film has been “victimized” and “bullied” by those unaware of the content of the film itself, and he feels that many have misconceptions about the narrative based on discourse in the media and online.

How many tickets do you have??

On the Angel Studios website, you can see how many tickets have been sold. The figure is currently 17,241,639 and still counting.

Sound Of Freedom had a goal of selling 2,000,000 ticket, and the progress measurer noted that they have now reached 863%.

Sound Of Freedom is set to open in UK theatres this Friday, 1st September 2023.

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