Generation Season 2: Release Date, LGBTQ dramedy’s future, plot and Genera+ion

In this time of modern introspection, wherein social issues are given the creative freedom to be expressed, ‘Generation’ has managed to explore the gleeful and queer normalities of LGBTQ that seem to have eluded the conventional stories which expose predominantly on the damage caused around them.

This show is a tale that shows no remorse when it comes to bringing out the wild side of teenage ruckus without having to cross the fine line drawn between melodrama and scandal. A surprising increase in the number of episodes that weren’t part of the original plan has been seen due to peaked interest from HBO Max, who is yet to make a move on the renewal front.

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Generation Season 2: Awaiting renewal, but certainly not yet out of the picture

So far, there have been no conclusive announcements that signify a renewal for season 2, with the production being put on a standstill due to the testing times of the pandemic. This lack of news has wrought disappointment as the show had impressed not only fans of the flamboyant series but also that of HBO Max.

What to expect from Generation season 2?

Despite being a bold project with an unconventional storytelling sequence, it also has elements that tour around the characters trying to find their place amongst their peers without lack of romance, flirtations, and sexual exploration. Viewers can expect more from the show to bring about a picture of a very colorful and quirky universe seasoned with jest and contemplation.

As misty as the future of ‘Generation’ might seem, the star cast for a possible upcoming season holds a similar spot with Justice Smith as a fan favorite.

A dramedy much suited for Gen Z might yet have a chance to see the day of light as it boasts of being one of the only few shows to have such narrative poise and elegance.

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