General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Pushes Spencer Into Esme’s Arms

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Chavez’s) love for Esme (Avery Kristin Pohl) could be renewed.

Spencer loves Trina (Tabyana) and she does too. Before they got together, the couple had to go through some tough times. Esme, the evil Esme, caused them most of their problems.

Their relationship was about to be put through its paces. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles?

General Hospital: Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)

General Hospital Spoilers – Portia Robinson Want To Break Up Spencer Cassadine And Trina Robinson

Trina’s mom, Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), does not like her daughter’s boyfriend. It’s easy to see her side of things. Spencer broke Trina’s heart multiple times, and Mom doesn’t want to see her hurt again. Not to mention, Spencer’s crazy uncle held the couple hostage on a boat and almost killed them.

Portia warned Trina over and over again about Trina’s boyfriend. But she ignored her. She loves Spencer and won’t listen to her mom, so Portia hatched a new plan. She went straight to Spencer and told him he isn’t good enough for her daughter. It worked. Portia is right, and so does the Cassadine Prince. Trina, he thinks, is also too good for him.

GH Spoilers – Curtis Ashford’ Injury Pushes Spencer Cassadine And Trina Robinson Apart On General Hospital

Trina’s biological dad, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), was shot and is now paralyzed. Both she and her mother are distraught and both want to support Curtis.

Trina’s sole focus is on Portia and Curtis. As much as she loves Spencer, she doesn’t want to cause her mom more anguish. Trina is aware that her relationship with Spencer upsets Portia. She thinks it’s best to keep her boyfriend away. Spencer also agreed. It is not good for a relationship.

General Hospital Spoilers – Enter Esme Prince

According to GH SpoilersSpencer moves in with his former girlfriend to take care of his brother Ace Cassadine. (Jay Clay, Joey Clay) Esme suffers from amnesia. She claims that she doesn’t remember anything about her past.

She is clearly trying to separate Spencer and Trina and get the Cassadine for herself. Trina’s job is made easy by her.

Esme, now that Miss Robinson is no longer with her boyfriend and has distanced herself from him, will comfort him. Spencer doesn’t have many people in his life to turn to. He has fallen for Esme’s tricks before and may do it again.

Spencer and Trina, between Portia & Esme. Do they have a shot? The relationship between them is once more being put to the test. Can their love overcome all obstacles?

General Hospital is the place to go to learn more.

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