General Hospital GH On ABC Austin’s Secret Helps Leo!

General Hospital Spoilers suggest that the ABC daytime drama will be embarking on an important storyline. Many people are keen observers GH Viewers suspect that Austin GatlinHolt (Roger Howarth), is autistic. He is atypical in his social skills and seems to lack emotion.  Austin, however, is high functioning even if he’s on the spectrum. He may have Aspergers Syndrome.

GH The public is aware that Leo Falconeri, Easton Rocket Sweda, was examined by Dr. Holt because he had a cut to his finger. Leo showed some behavior that was concerning the doctor during the exam. He encouraged Olivia Falconeri, Lisa LoCicero to bring her son in for a follow-up appointment. Austin most likely saw Leo as himself. He is now aware that Leo would benefit greatly from the additional examination.

GH Spoilers – Why Leo May Have Autism

General Hospital GH On ABC Austin's Secret Helps Leo!

Leo is quiet and a quiet little boy, even though he does not have speech delays. When his sister Sam McCall ( Kelly Monaco ) attempted to meet him, he seemed lost in his world. Although he needed stitches, he didn’t show any signs of pain after being cut. He was so obsessed with the fidget spinner that he kept asking for it. While visiting the hospital, Ned Quartermaine was calling him. Austin found him in a familiar place to Leo. These things could be signs that Leo is introverted, but they can also indicate that he is on the autism spectrum.

Austin agreed with Ned that Leo may have special needs and should be properly diagnosed. Leo would be able get the education and services he required. General Hospital The spoilers for the week from September 13 to September 17 suggest that Ned will have a hard conversation with Olivia. It will be likely over his concern about his stepson. It is up to Olivia to decide if she will consent or refuse to have Leo tested. She could be convinced that there is no evidence to suggest Leo has special needs.

Will Autism Awareness Must Be Increased General Hospital 

Many many viewers have family members with special needs. This storyline could be a good way to give others a glimpse into families with members on the autism spectrum. Each child and experience is different but we can learn from Leo’s journey. From Olivia Falconeri’s possible denial, Leo getting evaluated, getting the help that he needs, and showing his setbacks and triumphs.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Leo Falconeri’s storyline will be “front and center” The next few months will be a busy time. The ABC soap did an amazing job with Mike Corbin’s (Max Gail) dementia story. There is no reason to think Leo’s possible autism story won’t be just as good. With So many children and adults with special needs will find the story relevant for them. GH.

General Hospital ABC airs weekdays.

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