Gatwick Airport Chaos: Delays due to staff absences cause thousands of Brits nightmare

GATWICK is chaos tonight after an air traffic staff shortage caused the cancellation of dozens flights.

NATS has now cancelled nine flights and left thousands of passengers stranded due to the absence of staff.

Gatwick is in chaos this evening after air traffic control staff absences saw dozens of flights delayed


Gatwick in chaos after the absence of air traffic controllers caused dozens flights to be delayedAlamy

According to reports, the absence of air traffic controllers has affected UK airspace and caused flights to be grounded.

Some travellers claim that easyJet was the worst affected. “Over 30” of its flights were delayed, they claimed.

The tears of passengers who claim that airport staff were kept in the darkness amid scenes described by some as “utter confusion” in terminals crammed with people.

The traveller was furious: “Lots anger, tears, and indignation.”

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As travellers complained that they had nowhere to sit, queues for drinks and food have grown.

Central Recorder received a statement from a NATS representative that the company is working to reduce disruptions to travelers.

A woman on a megaphone told all passengers to go to Gate 560.

This is now the second time in two weeks that an air traffic controller has been involved in a fatal accident.

A technical fault at NATS grounded all flights last month.

Dodgy flight data – possibly from a French airline – caused two back-up systems to suspend automatic processing, NATS CEO Martin Rolfe said.

Instead of the error being rejected, it prompted a shutdown of the entire system to stop incorrect safety-related information being passed to an air traffic controller.

Gatwick Airport’s spokesperson said to Central Recorder this evening: “Due a staff absence at short notice in the Air Traffic Control Tower, temporary restrictions on air traffic have been implemented today afternoon.”

The delay will be caused by this.

“London Gatwick would like to apologise to any passengers who have been impacted by these restrictions.

Please contact your airline to find out more.

“NATS are a world-class provider of air traffic services and London Gatwick’s senior management recognises how hard the airport’s air traffic controllers are working to keep the operation moving.

“We are working closely with NATS to build resilience in the airport’s control tower to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.”

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