Gamers are only just realising there’s a £40 game scanning for FREE at the till – and players are calling it ‘genius’

AN ONLINE game usually priced at £40 is scanning for free at the till.

Temtem Showdown, a game that is praised by most gamers as “genius”, can be downloaded for free from Steam.

Gamers have the chance to download Temtem Showdown for free


Temtem Showdown can be downloaded for free by gamersCredit: YouTube/GameSpot
The multi-player game is rated highly by users


Multi-player is highly rated by playersCredit: YouTube/GameSpot
It is available on Steam


The game is now available for SteamCredit: Steam

The game is rated highly by users and is reportedly similar to a Pokémon-style battle simulator.

Temtem offers a collection of creatures that players can collect in a beautiful “Airborne Archipelago”.

In this dynamic world, users can test themselves to catch Temtems and battle with other Tamers, customize their houses, or join friends in adventures.

PC Gamer reports that you can play the whole story with your friend, and the ending game offers many opportunities to go on dungeon crawling together.

Multiplayer battles with ranked levels are one of the main selling points.

The addictive challenges see competitors bringing squads of Temtem and choosing five creatures at a time.

Nintendo offers Temtem for about £40 but Steam is currently allowing users to download its version for free.

Although the reviews have been mixed, many gamers seem to be excited about the new adventure.

A social media user commented, “This is brilliant.”

One added, “If you’re looking for a Pokemon-style game then this is the one.”

A second statement claims that the game is “a fresh approach to the genre of monster-tamers with interesting and new features.”

Third person commented, “This game is the most popular Steam ever.”

Steam has six brand new games available for free.

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