Gamers are just realizing PS5 has ‘load trick’ that saves you time whenever you play – just change little-known setting

You can get your PlayStation games more quickly with a simple trick.

You’ll be presented with an option to sign in when your console starts.

Get to the gaming action faster with a little-known PS5 trick


Take advantage of a PS5 secret to get you into the game fasterCredit: Sony PlayStation

The PlayStation Home Screen will load directly if you skip over this step.

Set up an automatic login.

You won’t need to select your profile each time you load the console.

You can play the game faster by choosing your own profile.

This will only take a couple of seconds but it adds up in the end.

Bear in mind that this is really only the best option if you’re a PS5 solo user – or if you very occasionally share the console.

Automatic Login is not a great option if you have multiple profiles and share the PS5 with others.

This will only make it harder for console users to locate their profiles.

How to activate automatic login on PlayStation 5

Go to the Home Screen and select Settings.

Click on Login Settings in Users and Accounts.

Turn on the automatic Login To PS5 option.

Sony clarifies: “Automatically sign in to your PS5 once it is on.”

This feature will only work if Bluetooth is enabled.

If there are several users using your PS5, only the person who has activated this option can log in automatically.

Bonus PS5 trick

By skipping the login screen you will also miss out on another PS5 clever trick.

The log-in page has an option that allows you to appear “offline” and log in whenever you want.

To do that trick, boot up your PS5 like normal.

Welcome Back To PlayStation will appear.

Click the menu button to reveal a panel of hidden options.

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Click Appear Offline.

When you login to your profile you will automatically be offline.

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