G-Eazy’s Tragic Mother Death

G-Eazy's Tragic Mother Death

G-Eazy was born November 24th. InstagramPage to share the news about his mother Suzanne Olmsted’s passing. He shared photos of his mother alone and with her family. “The shock still won’t let me accept the feeling that I’ll never get to hug you in person again. My queen, my hero, my everything… my mom,”He wrote. G-Eazy included an audio memo recorded by Olmsted. It told Olmsted how proud she is about her son’s accomplishments and who he is. Before urging him not to forget, “play on.”

G-Eazy explained in the long caption that it was his mother who encouraged him to seek treatment. “I didn’t realize the extent of just how worried you were about me until you sent me the hardest letter I’ve ever had to read… Going to treatment for alcohol and drugs was my decision but your letter was what ultimately persuaded me,”The rapper wrote. According to G-Eazy, G-Eazy had been arrested in Sweden for assaulting and possessing cocaine in May 2018. TMZ.

G-Eazy isn’t the only one to show his love for his mother. September was G-Eazy FaceTimed OlmstedBecause she couldn’t go to the concert, she attended the BottleRock Festival Napa. While saying, he raised her to the screen and said, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

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