FX’s John Landgraf Praises New Boss Dana Walden Following Her Promotion – TCA

Corporate intrigue has been a long-running topic regarding the relationship between Dana Walden, John Landgraf and John Landgraf. Both of the TV’s most prominent executives ran on parallel tracks at Fox, and they continued doing so until June 2019, when they made the switch to Disney. The shocking dismissal of Peter Rice, which was followed by Walden’s elevation to his post as Chairman of Disney General Entertainment, changed the dynamic between the two veteran executives, with one of them (Landgraf) reporting to the other (Walden) for the first time since Landgraf joined FX in 2004.

The Hollywood gossip-filled echo chamber was abuzz with laughter at the move. Today’s FX executive session at TCA saw Landgraf put to rest any rumors of discord by giving Walden effusive praises and equivocal support in his opening remarks.

“Speaking of my good fortune to have such long and successful relationships, Dana Walden who many of you know very well, was recently promoted to Chairman of Disney General Entreatment, and she now oversees FX as part of her large portfolio of brands and studios,”FX Chairman Landgraf stated this as he thanked his longtime colleagues at FX. “I’m thrilled about Dana’s very well deserved promotion. We have been friends and colleagues for over 23 years. She was my boss at Jersey Television, and we had an overall agreement with 20th. Dana was then president. “

“She is as outstanding an executive as I’ve ever worked with and a natural born leader,” Landgraf continued. “We have been creative partners on American Horror Story, American Crime Story, American Horror Stories, Feud, The Americans, Mayans, Fosse/Verdon, The Old Man and Sons Of Anarchy to name a few iconic shows. I know first hand just how exceptional she is at both the creative and business sides of her job, and I am genially excited that I and the FX team will now have Dana’s support and insight across all of the FX programming and marketing in her role.”

Landgraf, a well-respected TV business leader, has always been more corporate-minded than others and has been primarily focused on the creative aspect of FX. In the last few years, FXX has added original programming to its portfolio.

He and Walden have been able to successfully co-exist, and relentless speculation about a potential rift early in the duo’s Disney tenures pretty much came to an end when both took on major content roles at Hulu in the past two years, with Walden overseeing Hulu originals and Landgraf shepherding FX-branded exclusive original content.

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